$1 AUX Stereo Input Hack

This is find out how to hack into your radio so as to add an aux enter to attach your telephone or mp3 participant. This methodology applies to the Honda Accord, however might also be comparable …

35 thoughts on “$1 AUX Stereo Input Hack

  1. Hey; it seems like you know a lot about Honda radio systems. Question for you; I have an 03 Odyssey with factory nav. Can I perform one of these modifications? Any other suggestions or top tips? Thanks!

  2. great job please i need your help i have a 2004 acura tsx i’m in el salvador very hard to find parts and electronics i need to put a AUX on my radio but i don’t want to open the radio i do have a cable the goes under is a conector can i tap in the cables ??? and just put the AUX connector thank you very much

  3. I like the bit of education you put in there. Describing what various things do as well as why they won't work. Most channels would state "you have to do it this way, you just have to" but you give some background information. I'm a bit late to the party here but I still admire the fact that you went in detail.

  4. I was doing this without knowing this was what I was doing with my Toyota.
    Using the FM frequency as port for my Auxiliary cord

  5. Thanks for the info. You have great expertise. My broken 92 Acura CD changer is in my trunk, but the single player on the stereo still works. But it is the prior generation with the DIN plug. Can those plugs be hacked? If not, I will have to try the wiring direct to the circuit board inside the radio. I still need the FM radio.

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