42 thoughts on “2020 C8 Corvette Drifting in the Snow! POV Winter Driving

  1. I have PTSD from losing control of my car in midwestern snow for a couple of winters. You make it look like child's play. I can't imagine turning Trac OFF. But then again you didn't seem to have concerns of crashing into other vehicles or getting lodged in snow pits at the side of the road or having to stop the car on a downslope.
    But I am still in awe of how the car stopped at 1:45 and how the understeer at 3:40 turned out to be a perfect turn. I wish I had this confidence.

  2. wait what, how does the grass not have snow but the roads do? In places like Oklahoma it has a hard time sticking to the roads, but the grass will always let snow be on it.

  3. I just love it how I start tapping my feet together before getting on my car and then frown on my wife for not doing the same

  4. I thought you had the same press car that you originally got when you first drove the c8 until I saw the roof because it had the same interior colour and exterior colour

  5. I like the interior of the C8 vette. Maybe I’ll buy one one day, although I’ve never been into sports cars that much. I’ve always liked large SUVs and Trucks.

  6. i work at art gamblin motors , a chevy dealership as a lot attendant , we have one of these in the showroom in blue , it’s beautiful ! i got to drive it too , when it was sold i did the delivery on the vehicle ! super nice car !

  7. I have the almost identical C8, non Z51 convertible. With the same tires I did a indicated 2.8 0-60….. in 33 degree F temps.. impressive!

  8. "will completely disable tracton and stability control" The guy who lent him this YOU WHAT. wait nvm They wanted you to have non winter tires LOL

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