2020 Italian Grand Prix: Post-Race Driver Reaction

After a sensational race, a shock podium trio and a race-halting crash, we convey you all of the post-race response from the drivers as Monza performed host to a …

37 thoughts on “2020 Italian Grand Prix: Post-Race Driver Reaction

  1. Get rid of those ridiculous masks .. they don’t work ! Everybody knows but no one has the balls to protest this nonsense..

  2. Lewis actually took it well. Once he saw the footage he was like "fair enough…". He made his way back into the field really well too. Can't deny it was a good drive. Sooooo happy for Gasly!

  3. Max is a miserable git. Fast but he doesnt work well with his team. He wint win more than 2 world championships. Not calm enough

  4. Hamilton going to the stewards during a race should see him disqualified. I bet he walked in there like "do you know who I am?????". The sport will be much better without him.

  5. Good win, really good win.

    Everyone else messed up, his win was a team effort and everyone else's loss was also a team effort. So quit your moaning and groaning.

  6. remove boring Mercedes and F1 becomes fun to watch. So F1 either needs to make sure all cars are the same or winners start the next race at the rear.

  7. Magnussen, driver of the day!! Fuck up every leader's race and twisted all the places at the same time making a huge excitement like didn't happen in a long time. Well actually Leclerc's accident was the cherry on the top of the cake. Gasly, pot winner of the day!!

  8. You could clearly see Carlos was dead disappointed on radio or in interview..
    He knew he could have won and he deserved to after huge effort in practice and qualifying it was his race to win…..

  9. I highly respect Gasly for the work he put in Monza, because I could see his disappointmens after every race and how hard he tries.

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