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  1. "In very cold weather you might run the gasoline engine to heat the cabin" you say, but when it goes below -12C it will automaticly turn the car into a gas gussler, it isnt even operating as an regular hybrid, it is just a pure gasoline car, unless you turn off the heater and like to drive around with no cabin heat

    And the left Auto EV/HV button just put the vehicle in auto EV/HV mode, it will run only on battery until battery is low then it switch to HV mode. The right button lets you choose between EV mode or HV mode and if you hold it for 5 seconds you put the vehicle into battery charging mode, and will only run on gasoline until you turn off the car or hold the button again for 5 seconds

  2. I bought a hybrid RAV4 last week, does this Prime RAV4 allow itself to be charged up from the motor also like the hybrid or strictly plug in. Thanks, good review by the way.

  3. In early January I put an order in for a Prime (British Columbia). The broker contacted me last week and told me that the wait time has been pushed back and that the Prime I ordered probably won't be delivered to me for at least 2 years. Originally, the wait time was around one year, which was fine for me. He (the broker) ordered his Prime a year ago and was told he may have to wait another year.
    I've given up waiting for a Prime and I'm now looking for something else.

  4. everything about this prime is really good. the only downside – price. they are charging you so much. with that price, i rather get a 4runner

  5. Apparently at cold temperatures the heating in EV mode is non-existent (due to how heat pump works) and thus will need gas engine to warm up. I suppose one can use a 12V internal heater.

  6. 9:43 – That's not correct, that button is for you to switch manually from EV to HEV mode and vice versa. The car is in EV mode by default when you start it if the battery is full. Now if you long-press that button it'll actually turn on the gas engine to recharge the battery. That's why it says "charge hold" meaning hold the button if you want to charge the battery and NOT to hold the EV range for later use! You should've done your homework better. I came here to be informed and ended up informing you!

  7. Thanks for a great review. It would have been very helpful to add the Canadian and provincial electric vehicle financial incentives available as they help a great deal on lowering the initial purchase price.

  8. Toyota RAV4 Prime is unfortunately on waiting list for next 12 months in Croatia. Sibling from RAV4 Prime – Suzuki Across came recently to our market, so I tried … and finaly bought it. First 1500 km passed … It is good car. Met all my expectations. I realy enjoy driving it !

  9. You can't sleep in the car without connecting to power. That's a bit disappointing. Room mode should be allowed when HV battery has more than 20% charge. Tailgate can't be opened with remote once you are inside. That's a bummer. Utility less SUV.

  10. Just got my hands on one finally last week. Payed cash and I’m very happy with the purchase! Just in time for tax season.

  11. You still need to fill the tank every month, because the gasoline usually can only be stored that long. However, maybe only fill the tank half full is OK.

  12. If you want this vehicle basically you have to pay what the dealer says… don’t try to negotiate the price because they have 10 or more buyers talking to the next salesman for the same car!!

  13. I’m on the list to get one here in SK. I may get one this month but it keeps getting delayed. Toyota really needs to make more of these.

  14. Not sure if Canada is different from the US but Toyota is making so few only morons dumb enough to pay $2+K over invoice are able to get one. Sorry but a Rav4 over $45K is just stupid as its their entry level SUV with mediocre at best interior. Don't get me wrong I'd pay the $39K MSRP for the entry level SE thanks to tax rebates.

  15. Charge hold – means hold the button down to initiate battery charging mode. Gas engine runs to power propulsion and charge the battery. Gas engine will charge the battery to 80%. Though not at all energy efficient, there are times when it is useful.

  16. Great review, I think that these are pretty expensive, but definitely insanely quick. They're really hard to find at least here in the US. I've seen you do some videos with lighting demos, maybe you could do some more of those? I think they're really helpful.

  17. the real question is what is the pay back period $$$$$ Toyota RAV4 LE AWD $36,906.93 vs. Toyota RAV Hybrid LE $39,460.73 vs. Toyota Prime SE 48,065.93 (Canada EV rebate included) , cash price tax included in Ontario Canada

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