All-New 2021 Acura TLX Drive and Review on Everyman Driver

The Acura TLX has lengthy remained a preferred luxurious sports activities sedan. Whereas drivers admire the TLX’s worth, it lagged behind within the efficiency division.

14 thoughts on “All-New 2021 Acura TLX Drive and Review on Everyman Driver

  1. FWD based and nose heavy weight distribution sucks. Somehow Acura engineers love it.

    Wayy too $$$ for a 4 banger, 4000 lbs NOT “light”.

  2. I’ve the same exact car as in the review. They should put the rims from the RDX A-Spec and add better side sills and exhaust tips like the ones from the last generation A-Spec. Other than that the exterior is beautiful. The interior gives you the feel of a sports car, which is very cool compared to the Audis I’ve owned. The engine doesn’t serve the car well. Too coarse and drone-like when pushed harder. Car of this size needs a V6 like the one from the 3rd generation. I feel that Acura purposely held back a few exterior touches and then the engine to make sure that the Type S version is more distinctive and desirable. Acura definitely moving in the right direction though!

  3. As of 2021 Honda Accord Sport no longer comes with the manual transmission option. Only CVT on 1.5t and 10 speed auto on the 2.0t. They have added a Sport Special Edition model.

  4. Great review Dave! I'm surprised to hear you found the car light as other reviewers said it felt heavy but maybe they meant compared to the old TLX 2.4 FWD. It's too bad they aren't fuel economy or interior space leaders anymore but it's a great looking car with a very strong chassis & real torque vectoring, too bad the RDX will probably outsell it 20:1.

  5. Lexus will throw Acura out the water for decades. Acura’s are not premium cars anymore. Their build quality is cheap cheap cheap. Also their dealerships areas are smaller than a trailer.

  6. Center stack is a bit hard on the eyes. I dont understand why the screen is moved away from driver. Focal point is on the shift knob.

  7. Okay, how much roomier is the TLX-L from China?? Is it wearing Winter Tires? Does is it have a Launch control, like the Germans?

  8. Judging by the sales numbers, the new TLX is pretty much DOA. Even if you take into account there's a pandemic going on. People just don't want sedans, and this one is selling worse than the old one.

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