American Car Crash | Instant Karma | Driving Fails Compilation #337

This video is #337 within the sequence that’s all about automotive crashes, instantaneous karma, roll over accidents, driving fails, dangerous drivers, shut calls, studying the best way to drive, and …

40 thoughts on “American Car Crash | Instant Karma | Driving Fails Compilation #337

  1. Why the first 2 videos you show mustangs getting killed ? One was a Shelby GT350 at that!! least they were not at fault.

  2. @ 1:08. The cammer had right-of-way. However, he was going so slow where he had the opportunity to brake and stop. The driver pulling out should have waited until it was clear. But the tricky part was…why did the car pulling out waited till the car in front of it turned, then went? Which doesn't make any sense or he was slightly impaired

  3. #4 the cammer. They could have stopped instead of purposely smashing the gas and aiming right for them. Possible insurance scam.

  4. 2:27 the only way to be glad 2020 was over is if the years started ticking backwards. Only going to get worse moving more and more progressive (regressive).

  5. 1/1/2021 is just another day. The pandemic is raging. It might be your last year on Earth unless you socially distance and wear a surgical mask.

  6. Clip 21 all that effort to go the wrong way down a 1 way parking lot he would of been back on the highway by the time he got facing the wrong way. Did he hit that what looks like a silver Toyota SUV while trying to get turned around???

  7. 2021 will be the same shit than 2020… Like idk but do people really think 2021 has an invisible barrier that won't let the virus pass?

  8. At 1:20…the car that pulled out is always at fault for this kind of stupid and diddling (slow) pull out…at least in KY they would be

  9. The truly frightening part about #21: He's allowed to drive, breed, vote and roam freely amongst society unsupervised.

  10. 17 Not sure about his insurance policy but pretty sure you are not covered if you commit crimes so they can just apply all the debt to the drivers name. Including the damage caused by cammer rear ending him which was justified.
    Claim done?

  11. 4 – 5050
    Angry accleration from cammer because of slow turner (reasonable but cause the accident)
    Cammer was sensing it for the left lane. There is no one to pass. If he had been veering right to use the correct lane that could have prevented the accident.

    As for the other driver, not accelerating fast enough…
    The timing was good, car was turning in a single lane road so traffic behind is stopped. That means you can go but you have to be quick, which was the fault they made.

  12. 7:27 OMG was that a Wally World? Holy cow that guy's a moron! And no, you do NOT back up and let him out. Do NOT reward that abject stupidity. Fact is, I was thinking you should have tboned him down the row on the 4th point of his SEVEN point uturn! 😀

  13. In accordance to the hulu ad about tekashi 6ix9ine, he's a snitch and obviously he has never heard the phrase "snitches are bitches who end up in ditches with ditches"

  14. 1:06 Had the cammer been less impatient and not immediately sped off (and also braked sooner) there would have been no collision.

    5:20 Please include the actual collision next time and not just the chase. I had to rewatch at least 4 times before I understood what happened. Also, the cammer should be held responsible for his actions. I understand it can be frustrating to be hit and then have the driver take off – but the way you're driving and then hitting THEM is creating a danger to you, the other driver, and everyone else around you.

  15. I know #17 was wrong, but dang it was satisfying to watch. It was one of those things you generally only daydream about doing to someone XD

  16. Dude watching that last one with the blue car Austin Powers-ing their way into the wrong direction only to Austin Powers their way back out nearly killed me.

  17. 20 – REALLY? He got away with it? I don't own anything that can't chase down a stinking BOX TRUCK! Why did no one pursue this jerk?

  18. Why are you still the only channel I have that talks? I recall you saying the rules were changed…but no other channel has to/does it. It’s super annoying and I honestly have been avoiding your channel for months because of it

  19. (4:38) THAT'S MY FUCKING HOME!! HERSHEY PA LETS GO! Yes I am pumped and i have a dashcam as well so I'm just waiting for any idiot to come from nowhere. But that woman at the end with the blue car…..

  20. #4 – The other driver is at fault. You have to make sure the road is clear before you enter it.
    #5 – The bus driver has a brand new job. In the fast food industry.
    #9 – Although the other driver failed to maintain their lane, so did the cammer. He should have taken the far right lane and merged into the center lane when safe.

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