American Driving Fails, Bad Drivers, Car Crash Compilation #336

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41 thoughts on “American Driving Fails, Bad Drivers, Car Crash Compilation #336

  1. First clip – the guy with the camera in his car should have been paying more attention. I could tell that car wasn't gonma stop right from the get go. Just because your light is green doesn't mean it's clear for you to go. Look around.

  2. I would be SOOO pissed to watch my baby die like that. It's not like you can just go buy another one. At least he didn't wreck such a beautiful classic like some of the idiots I see on this channel. I wonder if there was anything left to salvage.

  3. on the car in flames one I wish the cammer put down the camera and grabbed a garden hose, shame that happened to a classic car 🙁

  4. When executing a left turn at a traffic light controlled intersection, pulling out to the middle of the intersection and stopping there to wait for oncoming traffic to clear is *WRONG*. You wait behind the white line, and then proceed when it's safe to do so…

  5. #8 I'd find a parking spot nearby, wait until the person got out of their vehicle and walked away from it, and then go over to their car and let the air out at least one tire. After that, I'd continue on with my day…

  6. #3 Tell the van driver's insurance company to stop stalling, it's very clear by the footage, who is at fault, and it's not the cammer….

  7. Most cammers have their eyes up their butts! So many drivers have tunnel vision, and some will deliberately cause the accident not allowing one in front of them as they zipper merge, or speed up. All I see mostly, are nothing but egotistic idiots.

  8. Just so everyone knows, when I have parking spaces stolen from me like that, I slash two of the tires. No joke, I am an asshole.

    Remember, it is your job to teach people manners.

  9. 4:31 DDS comment is technically correct. What puzzles me is why the black car stayed stopped until the very moment the silver car starts the crossing turn. At that moment, the black car accelerates crashing into the turning car. (Like it was a target.) How could a honest driver paying attention to traffic not see the turning car and avoid a crash?

  10. Regarding old people driving, good luck with that. They are very well protected by AARP. Mandatory re-testing, a CDL requirement for those huge motorhomes, all should be common sense. And IMHO, old people cause a lot of accidents, often not involved themselves. Crazy.

  11. RE; the space-snatching Prius: What would I do? I'd wait until the twerp goes inside, I'd 're-arrange his mirrors', and I'd put a big glop of axle grease on the inside of his door handle! Maybe even WD-40 his windshield…..

  12. If an elderly person has a medical condition or can be proven to be unsafe, I think some form of competency test is worth considering. However just throwing out a broad-brush comment that suggests elderly people are unsafe to drive is a bit rich when the vast majority of the accidents and incidents in these videos are caused by non-elderly drivers who drive according to their ego rather than the rules of the road. When these video channnels are scrabbling for material because people have learned to be courteous, stay off their damn phones, not worry about letting another driver get one car-length in front of them and all the other things we witness, then and only then can we start criticising particular age groups. Just my opinion.

  13. For # 16- elderly drivers are dangerous. I believe that once you hit like age 55, you should have to go to the DMV every year to take the written and road test and get your eyes and hearing checked. And they should make the test harder to pass every year for elderly drivers.

  14. oh yeah….now I remember why I stopped watching this channel. I'm not a 5-year-old or blind….I can read the comments….for that matter I can deduce what happened by watching the videos. Maybe I'll check back in another 6 months.

  15. Last clip cammer should have got the other drivers face and plastered that shit all over social media. People like that need to a real hard lesson with life!

  16. re clip 14 – I'd like to know how the car caught fire. There's no evidence of fire or fluids on the road under the vehicle or in the engine well, yet the passenger section is well alight. As the clip starts it looks like the fire is in the front seat area and then spreads. The only times I've seen a car burn like this in real life it had been set alight with a container of flammable material in the passenger area.

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