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Arduino Mega 2560 is not recognized by Windows

When you purchased it in China you certainly want to put in the proper driver. It is certainly in all probability a CH341 which you could find right here: http://www.wch.cn/obtain/CH341SER_EXE.html (Hyperlink to precise producer as a substitute of boggy file on a discussion board…)

But when it labored earlier than then that is not it. As a result of even if you plug in a USB system for which you do not have drivers Home windows performs the sound.

If it is an actual Arduino Mega (so with one other ATmega16u2 as USB Serial converter on it) then change is you may need corrupted this system in that different ATmega16u2. You may attempt to burn this system into that once more however you want a programer or one other Arduino to behave as a programmer.

If it is a China clone, examine Machine Supervisor to see if it actually would not present up. If it would not, purchase a brand new Mega :)

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