Are Callaway in TROUBLE?! | Callaway Epic Speed Driver

Callaway Epic Velocity Driver Evaluation. Alex Etches exams the 2021 Callaway Driver: the Callaway Epic Velocity Driver 2021. Additional utilising Synthetic Intelligence, …

28 thoughts on “Are Callaway in TROUBLE?! | Callaway Epic Speed Driver

  1. With the number of viewers you have, I can't believe a company like Callaway isn't sending you products in your specs. They could've at least gotten you a 9 degree head so you could turn it down to 8.

  2. Take black spray paint and paint the bottom which looks like a circus of stupidity and then it might look less stupid

  3. Awesome intro! My wife got mad at me for laughing too hard! Love your channel and the review! Thank you and keep up the great work!

  4. Hope the finding of a air freshener in your pocket, doesn’t delicately indicate that you are afflicted with meteorism & how much do they wish to pilfer for this speed driver?

  5. I was praying that they were going to name the low spin option the sub zero. The Speed Sub Zero would have been an epic marketing gaff.

  6. This is Tiger Woodard from cdhs golf on YouTube. Great video Al, ai is indeed trying to take over golf hahaha. Is that really how much a human eye weighs? Keep up the good work. #TOMSFALT, #TEAMAL for the win. God bless you sir

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