Bad drivers,Driving fails -learn how to drive #240

ALL VIDEOS ARE USED WITH OWNERS PERMISSION That is video quantity # 240 within the collection that’s all about unhealthy drivers.Right here you may learn to /how not …

43 thoughts on “Bad drivers,Driving fails -learn how to drive #240

  1. 3:14 – I know that this is the Honda driver's fault, but that cop was FLYING! If he was going even a bit slower, that accident would have been avoidable.

  2. Lol! "I looked at my mirror for literally a split second" I count at least 4 seconds from the truck's brake lights and the cammer's response. It's best not to stare into your rearview mirror while driving.

  3. A lot of these idiots with the dash cams are driving way to fast and dangerously!! Just trying to sell their videos rather than trying to protect anyone out there, including any passengers they have with them.

  4. I was enjoying your vids until the damned commercials came on in the middle so I quit watching. Another channel for the do not recommend list.

  5. 3:33 This was so avoidable lol. I know it's the Jeeps fault but have some awareness. The light turned green and the driver just went straight and never looked left or right.

  6. 2:58 the text is incorrect. You should not  A single white dividing line unless you must do so to avoid a hazard, Or you are making a turn to enter or leave a road.

  7. I wish I could count the number of citations I’ve written over the last 24 years for driving too fast for conditions or driving not reasonable and prudent. It doesn’t matter what the posted speed limit is if the conditions are too severe to drive that speed. I’ve seen 20 mile an hour speed limits in snow and black ice ! you wish you could drive 20 miles an hour safely! Everyone of these cars I see here is just praying for an accident. Once your car breaks traction it’s just you and the rest of your life until you figure out what’s going to happen because you have no control whatsoever.

  8. let's summarize nearly every single video with cold weather or snow. "Idiot driver was going too fast for conditions… and …. "

  9. 3:24 cop reacts like the typical driver, swerves instead of braking, if cop had maintained his lane the turning car would have been out of his way. I'm not saying the left turner was not at fault, just that a good driver could have avoided him. It also looked like the cruiser was changing lanes even before that which is not a good idea at an intersection.

  10. To be fair, as someone who grew up in Jacksonville, I can attest that the fucking trains take FOR FUCKING EVER to move, so I get why dude was jumping the train to get by. Problem is, he got stuck. XD

  11. I get so mad when I see these drivers witness a crash and just keep going, especially the cammers that do it. Are they just afraid they'll miss the next wreck if they stop?

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