Bad drivers,Driving fails -learn how to drive #93

ALL VIDEOS ARE USED WITH OWNERS PERMISSION That is video quantity # 93 within the sequence that’s all about dangerous drivers.Right here you possibly can discover ways to /how not …

41 thoughts on “Bad drivers,Driving fails -learn how to drive #93

  1. :35 – You know what else could have been avoided? A hit and run by you. Try being a real man by pulling over to accept responsibility . . . . . apparently you are only a man when it is easy to be.

  2. 0:22 many motorcyclists think they can speed faster than flow of traffic, weave in and out and Between vehicles (or going between vehicles in stopped traffic) when they are already harder to even see in the first place, and generally not follow any normal driving conditions, and then wonder why they get hit. ALL of this should be illegal to do on a motorcycle, just like it is for any other vehicle on the road. Just because you CAN do so on a bike, doesn't mean you should.
    In the end, its the motorcycle rider who is going to lose no matter whose "fault" it is, because they have by far the least protection (even with helmet, leathers, etc). And motorcycle riders who drive ridiculous are just vastly increasing the odds for getting themselves killed or seriously injured. Had a family member who almost killed himself on a motorcycle, totaling the car he hit, and it was completely his fault.

  3. I feel like if you’re “bLiNdEd bY sUnLiGhT” then you shouldn’t be driving It’s never been so bright I can’t see a stoplight

  4. 1:05 The driver of the second truck in the inner lane is an idiot! How can you be so foolishly stupid? It is logical that there is not enough space for 2 trucks to turn. Licensed shot at bumper cars.

  5. 7:42 if someone would've honked at me for that long, i would not even care that i made a mistake there, really these fucking lunatics with their horns need to chill out.

  6. So you call yourself bad drivers of Gilbert Arizona, nearly cause a multi car pile up, then judging others then admit that you've had your licence for 5 minutes. You are the definition of an American millennial self righteous all about me wanker.

  7. Fan z Polski zostawia Suba oraz klika w dzwoneczek. Teraz na bieżąco z Twoimi filmami 🙂 Do zobaczenia w kolejnym odcinku.

  8. It seems like a lot of Americans don't learn to NEVER pass another vehicle on the inside.. So many accidents could have been prevented by having one functioning brain cell and basic driver skills.

  9. 3:52 He should have honked at the wrong way driver but I bet he was in shock. He did the right thing though by pulling all the way off the road.

  10. 4:01 first if someone was driving the wrong side he/she should turn on drls or parking lights and hazard lights(It could've been an emergency)

  11. I will say something that makes me mad is when you people stop and honk at them and you’re still driving in your hog and stop in middle the road that doesn’t do you any good you’re stopped in the middle Road they’re driving off in your honking at him you’re going to get hit they’re not

  12. Them Acura’s and Honda strong that’s why I love the brand and gets my money all the time just like my love for Ford & Mazda.

  13. 4:55 would love to know what the cash settlement was on that…I've had 3 people rearend me and hit my trailer hitch…all 3 jacked their front end up and i got barely anything on mine. I just let them go

  14. At 0:20 you could've actually scratched his/her SUV's painting and you didn't stopped or signaled him/her to talk over the situation that just occured. Not really a nice manner my dude.

  15. @ 5:40 cammer is at fault, you can plainly see opposing track is backed up at that light, and the last car is poking out. They are supposed to make way for the second turn lane, that is unless you are a fucking asshole.

  16. At 4:00 that is in San Antonio as the vid indicates. In San Antonio there are many wrong way driver incidents for some reason. Unfortunately it's really common. Dont know why.

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