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47 thoughts on “BAD DRIVING AUSTRALIA # 258

  1. EXTRA VIDEO FRIDAY 630 PM .. .Hi All with the high volume of submissions i've made an extra video this week to try to get all your videos out so BD 259 out friday and BD 260 out sunday usual time Thanks and enjoy

  2. 4:55 Why the f*ck do people drive one second distance behind another car, on a freeway doing 100, in the rain? That other car was crazy, obviously, but everyone is entirely too close. Dumbasses.


    1. What More Can I Say – JAY-Z

    2. You Spin Me Round (Like A Record) – DEAD OR ALIVE

    3. Lacrymosa – EVANESCENCE

    4. Let's Get Loud – JENNIFER LOPEZ

    5. Get Out Of Dodge – HOODOO GURUS

    6. Kokhwe Lajlijaneh – KAHISALEEM

    7. Fools Gold – THE STONE ROSES

    8. I'm Only Shooting Love – TIME BANDITS

    9. Bumper Cars – ALEX & SIERRA

    10. Sky Is Mine – AMORPHIS

    11. Something So Strong – CROWDED HOUSE

    12. Tune In – SHANNON NOLL

    13. I Feel It Coming (ft. Daft Punk) – THE WEEKND

    14. Step Back In Time – KYLIE MINOGUE


    16. Sevdan Bir Ateş – DÜŞ SOKAĞİ SAKINLERI

    17. Sen Başkası – TARKAN

    18. Sorma – AYDILGE

    19. Kaprislisin Sevgilim – MIRKELAM

    20. Gelevera Deresi – KAZIM KOYUNCU

    21. Get Busy – SEAN PAUL

    22. The Final Countdown – EUROPE

    23. What's Love Got To Do With It? – TINA TURNER

    3:43 12:25 – somebody identify these please?

  4. Here's The exciting bits:

    1:11 a car is turning weird

    1:33 two dudes ride some skateboards

    2:55 a policeman opens the boot

    7:03 a cyclist uses a pedestrian crossing

    7:30 a 4wd drives over some grass

    9:21 someone changes lanes

    10:25 forgets that some times people go all the way around

    11:30 3 officers push a van

    12:50 a car reverses into their driveway

    13:03 someone bumps the kurb while parking

    13:52 beep beep. no u.

    16:11 bambi flashbacks ='(. you were meant to be dogfood

    16:26 man-karen says mean things to someone turning

    16:45 some moron didn't stop twice at a stop sign, man-karen is mad

    17:15 someone does a random u-turn, man-karen has never seen so mildly irritated

  5. 14:10 Cammer rightfully got, as Scotty would say, “Denied!” then had a hissy fit.
    Still, a massive and unnecessary dangerous overreaction by the truck & dog driver. Stupid all round.

  6. 13:57 this guy dose not know thay when changing lanes or merging he has to give way to traffic already in that Lane, i dont know why he got upset with the truck driver if its not safe to merge then slow down or stop if you have to untill its safe to merge over its not a zip lane

  7. 4:00 the cam car is the fuckwit. It’s still a one lane road until the lines start so trying to go up the side of the car in front before that is just stupid

  8. Ha ha ha
    That guy in the VS Commodore is ok.
    Who could blame him wanting to get out of that heap of shit so badly. Just in a hurry to spend less time in it

  9. Rules for driving in the bush at night.
    1. Kangaroo's have no road sense…
    2. They never travel alone…
    3. They pick the most idiotic time to cross the road.

  10. IMO if the dash cam was speed up x2 then the dash cam car must have been driving really really slow and well under the speed limit and its no wonder the wagon driver was getting impatient @7.52so im not sure who is the wanker the wagon driver or the dash cam car driver

  11. Poor skippy at 16:09. Didnt look like the driver slowed down much after he saw the first one though. Driven a lot of roads like that, and typically if you see one, slow down, there is very likely others around, particularly at night.

  12. idiots that play with trucks and wonder why they end up dead. your blinker does not give you right of way. maybe learn the road rules for next time

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