Bad Driving UK Compilation 144

Welcome to the 144th Unhealthy Driving UK Compilation! A bit extra intense & longer than typical to have a good time over 30000 subscribers! Thanks for all of the help!

44 thoughts on “Bad Driving UK Compilation 144

  1. A good friend of mine is a copper and when I saw him one evening I asked him how his day went and if he had done his bit to save the country… to which he replied (03:40) "Not good mate… an old man walked out in front of a bus and it went over him completely. There was Claret and Brains Everywhere".

  2. On the 1st clip it's funny how it doesn't show why they started arguing in the 1st place, did the motorcyclist do something stupid to p*ss off the audi driver I wonder

  3. I totally agree that there are some bad drivers, however, sometimes the other driver is new to the area and perhaps is unsure of the layout. A little patience sometimes would avoid a lot of these videos, and perhaps try to understand that you, yourself, are not the best driver on the planet or the most tolerant. If you think you have never made a mistake yourself then you are delusional.

  4. 17.20 audi is one who got cut up, reacted well didnt beep, but dashcammer who wasnt cut up thinks he needs to beep?

  5. People are so impatient these days, yes get to point B at the expense of anything else is the attitude. I've been overtaken 100 yds from a school whilst doing 20mph in a 20mph zone at 3pm on a school day. People should engage their brain before the right foot. Oh yes and I know why Audi's have a symbol like 4 O's because at least 80% of their drivers drive like 4 AhOles. Just tonight a driver jumped a whole queue on the wrong side of the road and blocked up the whole road just because he thought himself to important to wait.

    Would these people queue jump a line of people waiting at a bank machine or cashier in a shop, too right they wouldn't.

  6. I live like 5 mins away from the clip at 1:17, that road is just full of idiots that don't know how to drive the amount of times my dog and I have been nearly hit by some speeding wanker whilst crossing at the lights is ridiculous. The things that pisses me off the most is that they beep at me like I don't have the green Man and they don't have the red light, plus there's like zero cameras pointing at the road they only point towards the shops so if you wanted to call the police to complain there isn't any cameras to help you out.

  7. Luke 6, the white pickup you blasted your horn at and called a name, was only taking avoiding action because of the idiot that cut him off

  8. 5:05 happens so often at that spot that is has almost become more normal to see than not. Right hand lane is only for the third and fourth exits so expect any gap longer than a single car length to filled by a queue jumper wanting to left or straight across the roundabout and you likely won't be disappointed.

  9. There’s 3 categories in these compilation videos. 1. An honest mistake. 2. Cocky bastard. 3. Never took a driving lesson in their life.

  10. That sneaky peugot driver isnt the only one that does that on the junction, I have seen loads of drivers do that, its a badly designed junction and one day there will be a major crash and fatality there…

  11. The hit n runs make me laugh, i would love to be in that situation where i chase then down and… ahem give them a good talking to lol

  12. In Holland we can send our footage to the cops and they will issue a fine (in certain cases – proof issue). They are considering a special "team" (department) to handle dashcam violations…..

  13. Gives me road rage just watching some of these clips and some clips don't bother me at all just because i am used to idiots on the road.

  14. It’s amazing how fast and how close to other vehicles some of these cammers are though… some of them a right nutters… and then honk or beep or swear at the other drivers…

  15. Most of the cam drivers are dicks and used horns for a dramatic effect for the video, plenty of these clips were easily avoided and needed no horn or insults as the other drivers wasn’t obstructing, just cammers driving quicker for YouTube likes.

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