6 thoughts on “Bad UK Driving Vol 46

  1. Guy on M25 wasn't undertaking or overtaking. He was in the correct lane for driving where he wanted to go. The cammer should not have overtaken the lorry to go to the left. He should have just moved to the left and gone past the lorry if he wanted the exit. The lorry did not want the exit so avoided the left outside lane.

  2. Thanks for sharing, not only did that last one do a stupid manoeuvre, but the motorbike was dicing with death as well! Seriously, I really don’t think the bike rider had seen what was going on, quick path to death. And yes, I’ve ridden motorbikes too as well as drive an HGV and currently drive a van and a saloon car. If you see me around in my silver mk1 focus give us a flash and I’ll wave hello 🙂

  3. love your videos but you was the one in the wrong lane at 2.49 it says 217 in your lane so you are in the lane for mitcham not sthelier

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