This mere mortal ranks the BEST DRIVER 2021. We take a look in any respect the 2021 new releases together with (in alphabetical order) the Callaway Epic Velocity, Cobra …


  1. time to ice the leg, what to watch what to watch…. Oh hey Gabe has a new video up! I'm so excited to get my new driver this year. It has been too long (12 years), and I gotta say I'm most excited to try the mizuno and Ping the most. I was so hyped for the Sim2 until I saw that it didn't have adjustable weights. With my swing I will probably need that, but if for some reason that club works for me I won't take two thoughts. What color scheme did you go with for yours?

  2. What about value next year when all the new models come out every 12 months and the two manufacturers that are on 18 to 24 month cycles? Those are the drivers that have and keep their value opposed the 12 that drop quickly.

  3. Gabe,
    Your much to modest.
    I wouldn't consider, someone who can drive 260 yard's with a 95- 100 swing speed average.
    Especially, carrying a 5 handicap.
    You are much better than average.

  4. Great video and not surprised Mizuno now making great woods and no up charge for graphite shafts or other shaft specs.
    As a senior and high handicapper and looking at price here in the UK would look at Mizuno and Cobra. Will also look at Cleveland and Wilson.

  5. Appreciate adding the value category. $150 difference with very tight performance is a big deal. Also the Ping and Cobra do come with Arccos which to me is big deal. Without question the best overall stat for 99% of users would be SGA – Arccos does that best. Given he distance plus dispersion I would guess SGA for you would be the Mizuno. Be interesting if you did put both in you bag and track SGA with both drivers. Love your format, putting together some great videos.

  6. Great video interesting that you thought the PING felt light its the heaviest head by far but all the shafts are counter balanced

  7. Great review. Best part of it is if you shut your eyes and just listen to it, it's almost like Seth Rogan is reviewing golf clubs

  8. Really enjoy an average golfers perspective. Do you think the results change for a 80 mph club head speed. Appreciate your thoughts.

  9. I thought for sure you would have picked the Sim 2 #1 overall. That Mizuno thou! I was suprized to hear that it had the best value. Love the classic look of it with that carbon fiber! This Mizuno for me is the best looking one of the bunch. May put this one on my list of drivers to try out when I decide to upgrade. Great review of all these bad ass drivers!

  10. Hey man, really enjoy the videos! Your genuine approach is awesome and starting to tune in immediately when I see a video drop! Your game and mine are very similar and it’s awesome to see videos tailored around my type of game etc. I also too went with the sim 2, but the max version to help with a little more accuracy.

  11. we have similar speeds so enjoyed your video but Im a bit confussed, sim2 was last in accuracy and 1st in forgiveness? arent those the same thing? low spin TM more foregiving than PING max? hmmm…

  12. I appreciate your no-frills no-bull approach to looking at clubs… but you're certainly not "average". Not with a 5 handicap! Did you ever think about taking a 20 handicapper (who hits it maybe 200 yards, on a good drive) along with you to add a different perspective for your reviews?

  13. I was just fitted for the Epic Max LS. For me it wasn't the longest I tried but it had the lowest spin which helped in total distance and it had the best launch angle. Best of all for me is that it was the most accurate. Also for my swing it offered the best stock shaft option for my swing(Mitsubishi MMT 70 X). Love your content. I can't believe you don't have more subscribers.

  14. Just have to say what a brilliant driver. So refreshing to have someone who doesn’t smash the driver 300yds, reviewing drivers. I’m going to have a driver fitting, as soon as I’m able, and this has definitely food for thought. Thank you so much!

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