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bogotify (third-person singular easy current bogotifies, current participle bogotifying, easy previous and previous participle bogotified)

  1. (computing, slang, transitive) To make bogus, incorrect, or damaged.
    • 1996, “Jonny Llama”, Re: New hacker (on newsgroup alt.hacker)
      You little muSoft goons ought to study FAQs earlier than you bogotify yourselves in entrance of huge audiences.
    • 1998, “J Wunsch”, Re: CTT8000-S issues solved (on newsgroup mailing.freebsd.scsi)
      In principle, this would possibly bogotify the end-of-tape detection (and dump’s prompting for a brand new tape), however in observe the end-of-tape signalling of the st(4) driver is damaged anyway.
    • 1999, “Nick Hibma”, Re: kern/8875: Patch to permit DMA IDE with generic chipset + UDMA drives (fwd) (on newsgroup mpc.lists.freebsd.bugs)
      It was a fast repair for the creator’s Ali motherboard or BIOS however it’s clearly incorrect normally because it bogotifies the remark previous it (the purpose of the “generic” help is to imagine that every thing is already arrange accurately; any {hardware} programming dangers disturbing the setup).
    • 2002, “John Wilson”, Re: Road Atlas colours (newsgroup misc.transport.rail.americas)
      SA9 Deluxe’s screens and printed output had been so ugly and the dearth of backward compatibility with SA8 and earlier than bogotified it so completely that I despatched it again for a refund, and received SA9 non-deluxe as an alternative.

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