Car Driving Fails & Bad Drivers 2021 #68

It is a automobile crash compilation of January 2021. It additionally options clips corresponding to dangerous drivers, street rage, rear-ended, and driving fails. This video may be utilized as a …

22 thoughts on “Car Driving Fails & Bad Drivers 2021 #68

  1. Watching these videos, it makes me wonder what the political affiliation is of all these inconsiderate drivers who mess up. I have a feeling I know the answer on most of them.

  2. These videos demonstrate just how bad people are about paying attention and having a little courtesy as well. Nevermind just plain bad driving is to common.

  3. I sure see a lot of cry babies in these videos. Especially those aggressive drivers that get pissed at others when it’s their own fault for being disrespectful, selfish dick holes thinking they own the road. You want to drive fast and hard, you better expect to get cut off and have others around you taking it easy while you’re cutting lanes, tailgating, and acting like a fucking child.

  4. 5:19 – I will just bet he "faints" during his court hearing as well. Nothing like being fully at fault, but yet trying to be the victim.

  5. The more you cry about getting lots and lots of views but no subscribers the more I WILL NOT subscribe. And no one needs your 'analysis' either.

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