Compilation Of Michael’s Best Jokes About Driving | Michael McIntyre

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24 thoughts on “Compilation Of Michael’s Best Jokes About Driving | Michael McIntyre

  1. I think the joke about being grateful about thanking drivers has to be Michael McIntyre’s best joke ever. He’s soo good because his comedy 90% relates to everyone and he never singles a certain group out. I hate it when comedians use most their content on their race or weight etc. This is pure comedy gold!!

  2. I kept hearing Michael in my head when I got stuck in a jam on I-75 last month. I kept looking over at the opposing traffic during the FIRST 15 minutes of being stuck there (before I gave up and started an audiobook) and hearing, "Look at them, they have no idea!" Yeah…FOUR MILE BACKUP BECAUSE OF A STALLED VEHICLE IN THE RIGHT LANE!!!

  3. I'm not even British but everything he says absolutely resonate with everyday life! It's amazing how his jokes are international without being rude or insulting

  4. I want to see him go to Spain for a few days and see how long it takes to freak out. City buses 1 cm apart driving like it's nothing.

  5. When you're in a queue of traffic and as you edge forward you're debating what's happening and then everyone in the car starts saying "do you see anything" "I think theres blue lights ahead"

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