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Configuration of vJoy Devices

For older variations of vJoy learn the next article.

Vjoy structure helps as much as 16 digital units.

Every vJoy gadget could be individually configured:



1 to eight axes from the next record:


  1. X Axis
  2. Y Axis
  3. Z Axis
  4. R Axis (a.okay.a. Rz or Rudder)
  5. U Axis (a.okay.a. Slider)
  6. V Axis (a.okay.a. Second Slider)
  7. Rx Axis (Rotational X)
  8. Ry Axis (Rotational Y)


As much as 128 buttons

POV Hat Change:

As much as Four POV Hat switches could be (optionally) configured to Four Path or Steady:

  • Four Path: This change has 5 positions: North, East, South, West and Impartial.
  • Steady: This change acts as a 35901-step axis with extra Impartial place.

vJoy model retrieves its HID Report Descriptor from the registry. If absent, vJoy falls-back to the hard-coded descriptor. The developer of a feeder shopper could select to make use of the default configuration (Machine #1: eight axes, eight buttons) . If the developer needs to alter the configuration of vJoy gadget, one of many following choices can be found:


  1. To alter the default (laborious coded) HID Report Descriptor within the driver. This technique is helpful in case you are prepared to create your individual model of vJoy gadget driver and you don’t want to make your gadget configurable.
  2. Create a number of registry entries utilizing vJoyConf and write them throughout set up to the goal machine’s registry. That is the perfect strategy if you wish to override the default vJoy configuration however you do not need the top person change the configuration.
  3. Pack vJoyConf together with your product. This can give the top person limitless management over the configuration of vJoy. Nonetheless, vJoyConf is written utilizing VS 2012 and .NET and would possibly require set up of some extra software program packages.
    A substitute for vJoyConf is a command-line software vJoyConfig. This different doesn’t require any extra bundle and features on all working Methods fro XP and newer.
  4. Create you personal model of vJoyConf primarily based on the accessible sources. This can allow you to combine the configuration utility in your product.



  • For the modifications within the configuration to take have an effect on, the gadget should be restarted (disabled then enabled).
  • vJoyConf/vJoyConfig does the restarting.
  • The registry entry is just not eliminated when uninstalling the motive force.
  • Model 2.0.Zero ignores older configuration knowledge.

The placement within the registry of the per-device cofiguration knowledge is HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetservicesvjoyParameters

There is a key for every current gadget:

  • Worth HidReportDesctiptor holds the descriptor in binary format.
  • Worth HidReportDesctiptorSize holds the variety of bytes in Worth HidReportDesctiptor.

Configuration Registry Keys

Don’t tamper with this knowledge. It’s written by vJoyConf and skim by vJoy gadget.When you take away all deviceXX keys – vJoy will revert to the hard-coded (default) configuration.


Though the interface is self explanatory, there are some factors that want clarification:

When urgent OK or Apply, vJoyConf creates or updates a registry entry.

  1. vJoyConf can not learn the registry. Therefore, its GUI doesn’t replicate the state of the registry.
  2. Urgent OK or Apply when chosen motion is Reset removes all configuration entries and causes vJoy to revert to default arrange.
  3. Goal gadget is the gadget you’re at present configuring or deleting.
  4. You’ll be able to choose/enter any variety of buttons between Zero and 128. You can’t choose a selected button (e.g. button quantity 12).
  5. It’s now doable to pick out as much as 4  POV Hat switches.
  6. A POV Hat change could be of both varieties: 4 Path or Steady POV Hat change.
  7. 4 path change has 5 states: North, East, South, West and impartial state.
  8. Steady change has can get any worth between Zero and 35900. As well as, it may be set to impartial (-1).
  9. Examine-box Create .h File is helpful if you wish to study the output of vJoyConf or to embed it in your model of vJoy gadget driver. The tip-user has no use of it.
  10. Click on button Apply (or OK) to replace the registry and to restart vJoy gadget.


  • This software is just not meant to be distributed as-is to the end-user. In some instances, it requires set up of extra software program packages as described under.
  • vJoyConfig is a command-line model of vJoyConf and is prefered on Pre-Windows7 machines

When you get a message just like the next:

You have to to setup the Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0.



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