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Etymology 1[edit]

From dick +‎ -y (diminutive suffix).

  • In cowl/apron senses: maybe from English dialect dick (leather-based apron) +‎ -y; maybe from Dutch dek (a canopy).

Different varieties[edit]


dicky (plural dickies)

  1. (colloquial) A louse.
  2. (Cockney rhyming slang) Dicky dust = a shirt, which means a shirt with a collar.
  3. A removable shirt entrance, collar or bib.
  4. (slang, dated) A hat, particularly (within the US) a stiff hat or derby, and (within the UK) a straw hat.
  5. (dated) A seat behind a carriage, for a servant.
  6. (dated) A seat in a carriage, for the driving force.
  7. (India) The bags storage compartment of a sedan/saloon model automotive.

    Are you able to open the dicky for me?

    Synonyms: boot (Britain), trunk (US)
  8. (historic) A leather-based apron for a gig, and so on.
  9. A small chicken; a dicky-bird.
  10. (idiomatic, Britain, in unfavorable constructions) An insignificant sound or factor; dicky-bird.
    • 2013, Michael Dobbs, A Ghost on the Door:

      Oh, she landed at Heathrow all proper, such as you mentioned, however since then your Miss Ranelagh appears to have vanished as successfully as my overdue promotion. Not used her bank card, her Web account, her cell phone. Nothing. Not a dicky.

  11. (Britain, army slang) A pilot.
  12. (Britain, dialect) A hedge sparrow.
  13. (Britain, dialect) A donkey.
    • 1896, Augustus Jessopp, Random Roaming, and Different Papers, web page 181:

      I’ve heard grandfather say that when Mr. Priest was at his greatest there was scores o’ younger gents as used to come back to high school as day-boys, ‘trigger there was no room for ’em to board; and so they used to come back on dickies []

  14. A haddock.
Derived phrases[edit]


dicky (comparative dickier, superlative dickiest)

  1. (colloquial) uncertain, troublesome; in poor situation
    He had a dicky coronary heart.

Etymology 2[edit]

From dick +‎ -y.


dicky (comparative dickier, superlative dickiest)

  1. (casual, vulgar) like a dick, silly or obnoxious


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