[Discussion] USB Suspend Settings / USB Power Management are problematic : Windows10
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[Discussion] USB Suspend Settings / USB Power Management are problematic : Windows10

I simply received a brand new PC with recent settings about two month in the past. Pondering recent system should not have any subject on a lot of the factor, I naively plug my previous keyboard (a MKA-3C) into the brand new PC.

Earlier than something, the keyboard has no subject on the previous PC, even with the keyboard RGB mild on.

Now, each time I’m typing, some key is not going to register often, adopted by a a tool disconnect -> machine join sound.

To verify it wasn’t the keyboard being defective, I plug again to the previous PC and makes use of it for couple few days, the keyboard by no means disconnect on the previous PC (Previous PC can be a Win10).

After some googling, it seems to be an influence administration subject :https://pocketables.com/2016/04/fix-windows-10-keyboard-disconnecting.html

So I did :

  1. In energy setting, disable all USB selective droop settings.

  2. Be sure PC is on excessive efficiency mode.

  3. In EVERY USB settings inside machine supervisor, untick permit pc to show of this machine to avoid wasting energy.

  4. Reinstall the Generic USB Hub driver.

  5. Go into registry / energy config by way of cmd to make sure the facility profile have the proper “USB selective droop settings”

This resolution labored for many individuals, sadly, this does not work on my new PC. I can nonetheless hear disconnection sound for practically each minutes, and some keystroke is not going to register. I can nevertheless, off the RBG mild on the keyboard, the disconnection is much less frequent, however I’m nonetheless getting them. This isn’t tolerable throughout gaming, it’s also not tolerable throughout coding.

Now, a couple of query to Microsoft individuals :

  1. Is there occasion logger / occasion viewer setting to inform WHICH units are ceaselessly turned off / on – there are logs whenever you INSTALL a brand new machine, however not by way of disconnecting?

  2. Why is it so persistent and energy down my USBs and disrespect to the settings?

and in addition to everybody who may skilled on this. Is there potential resolution I may be lacking out to attempt to eliminate the difficulty? Do away with present keyboard could possibly be one in all it, however I cant be certain the following keyboard does not have this subject.

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