29 thoughts on “Download Songs from Google Play Music All Access for Offline Playback – Android [How-To]

  1. Sorry, but I am in trouble, to listen to the Songs, I bought at Google playstore , and Playlist2, wich is overloaded, two ore more times, in the list -please let me see – all the songs, and doe a new Place, and save the songs : in my – MIX 1 , To listen -any time, and also offline for me, on my way through the City! thx + please note everything is on the : Playlist2 – But only one of each song, I found in the Google Playstore, and about the half -are double ore even more times, on Playlist2 , only one of my favourite songs, in a new Playlist-MIX

  2. guys if you want to download song from GOOGLE PLAY then click on the desired song (or soundtrack) then click the 3 little dots at the top and it should say "download". what he's explaining is something different.

  3. how about just buy the "music mate" app. you can just download the app from the store… no root, no bullshit hahaha

  4. I suggest using Bluestacks on your PC and rooting it. Then use this app. That way you won't screw up your phone.

  5. go on Google play music from your laptop, right click the music you want and download it onto your file and move it to your SD card file

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