45 thoughts on “Downloading a Game on PS5 using 1000Mbps Internet.. It's fast

  1. I have the Comcast 1000Mbps plan , and are only getting 230Mbps max on the PS5 either over wifi or wired, all my other devices are getting 600mbps or more, what can be causing my slow down?

  2. It was not that good…it downloads per tick 80-90 mb with 1000mbps
    I have 400mbps and it downloads per tick 50mb
    Normally his internet have to be over 100mb per tick.

  3. I only have like 700mbps and my Spiderman downloaded only a tiny bit after hours, did you have an app running in the background?

  4. I have 1GIG fibre connections and get consistent 900/950 mbps download speeds and 750/800 upload speeds on my laptop when connected via Ethernet cable.

    I was having problems with my old router (Netgear R7000), it seemed to be capping the speeds going to my PlayStation consoles. Even tho I’d get 900 and 750 speeds on my laptop, my PlayStation 4, 4pro and even the 5 was getting capped at 145 download and 120upload. Although I heard PlayStation speed test isn’t accurate, my actual download speeds when downloading a game was 20 Megabytes per second, which is equivalent too 160 megabits. So pretty much I was getting little over 10% of my speeds going to the PlayStation.

    I searched around and found that Netgear routers typically have a hard time with PlayStations. So I just purchased the Asus AX11000 router.

    I just got the router yesterday and for the setup all I did so far was; connected the router to the internet and did a firmware update. So currently My PlayStation is connected to the Asus router using the 2.5GB port behind the router. The speeds I’m getting on my PlayStation are a lot better but the upload seems weak. I’m getting speeds of 460mbps download and only 10mbps upload on the ps5. When I was playing warzone I noticed hella lag and constant packet loss. I never had packet loss with the r7000.

    So I’m wondering what can be changes I can make to the router settings to get the fastest download and upload speeds and how can I get 0% packet loss??

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