Driven-The Premier 1 Driver Story

On this collaboration between the very proficient Michael Holder of Holder Artistic and Premier1Driver, we take a look at the street to the left seat of a personal jet and the way …

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  1. So there is a story on the bee. Stay tuned and I'll share it on a future video. Honestly, I doubt you will believe it!

  2. I'm shocked how many CEO's are saying…….. Face to Face Business is over. Everything will be Zoom now. Ridiculous. Face to Face will never be gone. I'm sure having a jet greatly improves your Work – Life Balance as well. Soldier On……. or should that be Zoomie On, lol. Go Navy!

  3. First of all Thank you for your service Greg and I really appreciate your videos get a lot out of them I am not a pilot but I love your articulation of how the airplane works and all the different things you do as a pilot just amazes me the checks and balances that go on so thanks and keeps on posting and I’m gonna keep on watching I got me a cool shirt from the website thanks again

  4. Shared this with my 12 year old who is an aspiring aviator. We live next to your airport and have probably witnessed many takeoffs and departures.

  5. Just seen your video flying from Naples Florida to Indy, Indiana. I flew as a passenger many times but I new a guy who was a flight instructor. I asked him if I could fly a plane just to see what it was like to sit in the cockpit. I flew a small 4 seater Cessna. It was a great experience but I have a learning disability and I could not handle so many tasks at one time. So I never really got into flying that much after that. So I went into becoming a recreational boat captain. I served in the US Coast Guard Auxiliary and got into the Aids to Navigation. Luckily my dentist was also in the Coast Guard Auxiliary so he helped me out in all areas. I still own my own boat But I am reminded of the time when sitting bin the co pilot seat. The helm of a boat is silimer to the cockpit but just not as many gauges. The throttle works almost the same as a planes throttle. Starting to watch more of your videos. One thing that has always been on my mind and I think of it almost daily is the Flight Engineer position. I've always have this interest in the Boeing 727 Flight Engineer position. I like to sit in that seat just one time during a flight just to experience it.

  6. would love to take a flight, but due to service injuries, that is forever denied. the good thing is your videos, and trying to re-create some in fsx (flight sim 10). thank you.

  7. Greg, is the F-16 Mach 2 capable. Straight out of the paint shop clean with no tanks or ordinance hung under the wings. Got a chance to walk the GD F-16 assembly line when working for a defence contractor teamed on another project. Love the channel. If you get to KTHV, look me up! Thanks for your service and channel!

  8. I don’t know how I missed this. We share an early childhood story Greg. I was also flying before driving. Our local newspaper did an article on me abut how I was flying but couldn’t drive yet…

  9. Hi Greg, Just wanted to take this opportunity to say I just really love your videos. I am not a pilot myself, however I have always been intrigued with what does go on in the front. Your videos really have taken a lot of the anxiety out me flying even the airlines. Strange as this may sound, I am located just across the state line in Auglaize Co. Ohio. I listen to ATC all the time, and I've always wondered on any given day I would hear 390GM over my radio….hahahaha. Take care, and stay safe. Jim.

  10. Greg, there are pilots and then there are aviators. Big difference. I've been an aviator since AF flight school. I strap in and become one with the aircraft. She is mine and I will take her where I want to go. We have a mutual respect for eachother. She has the tools but I have the mind. A pilot takes the aircraft for granted, flies VFR on weekends and doesn't really pay attention to what matters. This person is not an aviator. You are definitely an aviator. You and I were AF but I do like the Navy where pilots are called aviators.
    A carrier landing would be a dream for me.
    Love your videos and look forward to many more.

  11. Just found d your channel and in the mode to watch all of them. I love it. I fly ultralight and always wondered about what its like flying a jet like yours. Awesome.

  12. Greg, I absolutely love watching your videos. My first experience with flight, was a rough one..lol. Watching your videos gives me a better understanding what you pilots do to ensure the safety of your passengers and your craft. I am not a pilot, but my best friend was. I pay very close attention to a lot of your control of the craft. I also, watch your friends videos as well Citationmax.

  13. I'm a retired corporate person in my 70s who was privileged to fly a bit in a few Gulfstreams, sometimes over the pond. I'm not a pilot but love aviation. I'm watching all your videos and enjoying every minute. I am impressed with the care you take to ensure each flight is safe and piloted in a professional manner. Your videos do give me the urge to become a pilot; however, I believe I'm late to the party. Keep up the fine work and may the most you wish for be the least you get.

  14. P1D. Been watching your videos for about a year. I'm glad I found this one. It's always interesting to me to know some of the back story. Your videos are intreguing. You professionalism as a pilot, videographer, and narrator are simply excellent. Thank you for creating these and thank you for your service to our country.

  15. I like your professionalism … same way my brother flies … I watch for the ATC feeds, really amazing how y'all keep things safe up there … I'd like to see a video someday on just the check-lists … the non-aviators might find it interesting how many things you have to check before, during and after a flight … just love watching my brother go through them all … "carb heat off" … love it …

  16. I'll be up in the tower at KCYS (Cheyenne) near the end of 2021. Not sure if that's en route to Colorado but I see you fly in to Aspen sometimes.

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