DRIVERS LICENSE by Olivia Rodrigo (Piano Cover Sheet Music)

#DriversLicensePiano #DriversLicense #PianoCover Organized, produced and carried out by Costantino Carrara Digital camera operator – Cosimo Carrara.

20 thoughts on “DRIVERS LICENSE by Olivia Rodrigo (Piano Cover Sheet Music)

  1. I hope you enjoyed this new arrangement! I'M BACK and I'll be posting new content every two weeks now ❤️ which is the part you loved the most? let me know in the comments!

  2. I MISSED YOU SO MUCH LIKE OMG i've been a subscriber since i was in primary school i guess? and now i'm almost a freshman! i listen to your music so often and i'm sorry i've never left a comment, but i just wanted you to know that you're so talented and amazing!! hope to hear more from you <3

  3. Mate, I have been listening to your cover since 2019 and it helped me a lot in tough times. You are awesome and keep going this way.

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