Driver's license from cereal box? /Bad drivers #2 January 2021/Car fails

This video embrace video how you can not drive, Idiots in automobiles, unhealthy drivers, That is why you want a splash cam! Thanks to those authors for the supplied materials. Assist …

24 thoughts on “Driver's license from cereal box? /Bad drivers #2 January 2021/Car fails

  1. There should be regional data hubs where all accident or law-breaking footage can be uploaded with the push of a button. Then when law enforcement or insurance companies or wronged drivers need video evidence, they could search by date, time and location. A vehicle make and model tag could be added to the upload making the searches more efficient. Data centers could automatically edit out the relevant video information and just keep what they need.

  2. The amount of stupidity just keeps increasing.
    9:13 Gas costs $126? Dang. Just up the road, it's not even $3 for the same fuel.
    Edit: I found the rough location in Southern Vancouver, Canada. That translates to about $98.

  3. Кто объяснит мне:- почему многие водятелы со второстепенных дорог выезжая на главную и мгновенно лезут в левую крайнюю полосу?????????

  4. Surprised by the amount of wrong-way drivers showing up in these videos lately. Maybe people forgot rules of the road during the pandemic?

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