Driving at Night Part 2 – Demonstrations and Examples

On this video I clarify the risks and exhibit easy methods to drive safely in poor visibility at night time. I exhibit driving in areas with and with out streetlights and I …

22 thoughts on “Driving at Night Part 2 – Demonstrations and Examples

  1. 11:13 The corner light markers on big vehicles can be very helpful when negotiating parked cars, can give way in plenty of time, as the glare form their headlights usually makes the size of the vehicle almost invisible.

    Helpful video anyway, I do agree with the 30mph dipped beams also.

  2. I think with my lessons I have been very lucky, none of it was intentional it's just how it pans out, so far I have driven in the dark with pouring rain aswell as country roads in the dark with fog, I feel very grateful that I have been able to experience these with my instructor otherwise if I was on my own I have no idea what Todo, but with lockdown these videos are helping me with both my practical and theory knowledge, like with the first lockdown these videos knocked so much time off, thank you so much

  3. As just a pointer for anyone who finds it useful, if you're getting blinded by the oncoming traffic, you can always see the side line of your lane, so you could look for that side line to keep driving straight.

  4. Great video, very easy to understand. I went out on some short stretches of country roads at night on my first 20/25 hours of my driving as a learner and it wasn't too bad, a bit daunting as a beginner though. Even though I never looked directly in the headlights of oncoming cars, the glare makes it hard to see ahead in the dark so I was on the full beams asap haha.

  5. Brilliant video! I wouldn't mind seeing a video about the main dangers of driving, like wrong shoes and animals like you said.

  6. Apart from animals I also hate driving at night because of bends. Many times can't use high beam, only just low beams and to catch the best curve on the bend is quite tricky especially with older cars equipped with non-xenon non-LED lights…

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