Driving with Fast Tag | Live Fast Tag demo | How to drive near Tolgate

Driving with Quick Tag – fastag – fasttag – toll plaza – on-line fastag – how you can apply quick tag – fastag expertise – driving ideas – stay fastag demo – paytm stay fastag – quick …

24 thoughts on “Driving with Fast Tag | Live Fast Tag demo | How to drive near Tolgate

  1. Super bro…. I've learnt driving n gonna complete my 2nd Ur but forget totally… After watching Ur vd…. I recollect n learnt as well…. Keep it up gud job

  2. I think automatic debit from bank should not be provided, I use equitas tag and I just recharge that tag and keep thats all. There is no link between bank A/c and tag. I can recharge my tag from net banking, Paytm or Gpay etc. So that should be the process. If bank a/c is linked its very risky since there are fake RFID readers that can easily read this and deduct money.

  3. Apprm ethuku bro namma new vehicle vaangum pothu road tax nu onu kattrom intha oorla road la otama America la otrathuka……makkala nalla emathuraanga bro….

  4. Useful information.
    By the way, Is it possible to make a video on why the tyres getting burst while driving and how to control the vehicle incase of tyre burst while running and what are the precautions to be taken in order to avoid and prevent the tire from bursting.

  5. இப்போது வரும் கியா ‌மோட்டார்காரில் கியர் ‌1234 ரிவர்ஸ் ‌ராட்‌ உள்ளது ‌ஆனால்‌
    கிளட்ச் இல்லை இந்த ‌காரை நான் ‌மேட்டில்‌ நிறுத்தி வைத்து எடுக்கும் போது கார் ‌பின்னால் வருகிறது ‌இது‌ கம்ளைன்டா ‌அதே‌மாதிரி‌ ரிவர்ஸ் எடுக்கும் போதும் . இப்போது நீங்கள் அதை ஒட்டி
    பார்த்து பதிவு செய்ய ‌நன்றி

  6. Bro ippa night time la drive pannumpothu opposite la vara vehicle la headlights dim panna matanga so athanaal nambala la drive panna mudila so give any solution

  7. Hai sir,Your Explanation is so good. Please show that how you are parking the car through slope to the Portico in home.

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