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From Center English droppe, drope, from Previous English dropa, from Proto-West Germanic *dropō, from Proto-Germanic *drupô, from Proto-Indo-European *dʰrewb- (to crumble, grind). The verb is from Center English droppen, dropen, from Previous English dropian, from the noun. Associated to drip.



drop (plural drops)

  1. A small amount of liquid, simply massive sufficient to carry its personal spherical form through floor stress, particularly one which falls from a supply of liquid.

    Put three drops of oil into the combination.

    • 1864, The London,Edinburgh, and Dublin Philosophical magaqzine and Journal of Science , web page 179:
      That is due to this fact the burden of the utmost drop shaped on a flat floor, and will probably be seen that it very almost coincides with the burden of the drop shaped upon a floor seven-tenths of an inch diameter. The drop on this case is at all times …
    1. (mainly within the plural) A dose of liquid medication.
      eye drops, put one eye drop in every eye; ear drops; nostril drops
      • 1986, Eugene Tinory, Journey from Ammeah: The Story of a Lebanese Immigrant, Amana Publications:
        My first remedy consisted of 1 eye drop in every eye which was imagined to decide the situation of the attention and make it simpler to look at them the following day.
      • 2009, Mark A. Goldstein, Myrna Chandler Goldstein, Larry P. Credit score, Your Finest Medication: From Standard and Complementary Medication–Knowledgeable-Endorsed Therapeutic Soluti ons to Relieve Signs and Pace Therapeutic, Rodale Books (→ISBN), web page 234:
        Due to this fact, put just one eye drop in your eye at a time. If in case you have been instructed to make use of a couple of eye drop, wait about 5 minutes between the drops. It will enable extra of the drops to be absorbed and can scale back waste.
  2. A really small amount of liquid, or (by extension) of something.
    requested for only a drop extra tea; she was thirsty and there wasn’t a drop of water to be discovered
    did not present a drop of regret
    • 1994, Yvonne Howell, Apocalyptic Realism: The Science Fiction of Arkady and Boris Strugatsky, web page 1:
      BAZARIN: Zoya Sergeevna, only a drop extra tea, when you would.
      ZOYA SERGEEVNA: (pouring tea) Would you like it robust?
    • 2013, Maureen Lipman, Previous-It Notes, JR Books Restricted (→ISBN):
      Not one drop of assist did she get from her showbiz dad and mom, who had been far too preoccupied []
    1. (mainly Britain, Australia) A small quantity of an alcoholic beverage

      He often enjoys a drop after dinner.   She will not contact a drop whereas she’s on responsibility.

    2. (Eire, casual) A single measure of whisky.
  3. (mainly Britain, now particularly with “the”) Alcoholic spirits generally.

    It would not matter the place you are from; anybody who enjoys the drop is a buddy of mine.

    • 1834, Peregrine Reedpen (C. F. Adderley), Our city; or Tough sketches of character, manners,&c, web page 61:
      She is reasonably keen on her drops, and is then notably good-humoured; it’s only when she is getting sober that she is querulous and nervous.
    • For extra quotations utilizing this time period, see Citations:drop.
  4. That which resembles or hangs like a liquid globule: a dangling diamond decoration or earring, a glass pendant on a chandelier, and many others.
    1. An decoration resembling a pendant, as utilized to furnishings or (in structure) as utilized to an architectural characteristic: a gutta.
    2. A small, spherical, candy piece of arduous sweet, resembling a lemon drop or chocolate drop; a lozenge.
  5. A factor which drops or hangs down:
    1. The quilt mounted on a swivel over a keyhole, that rests over the keyhole when not in use to maintain out particles, however is swiveled out of the best way earlier than inserting the important thing.
    2. (theater) A curtain or part of (material) surroundings lowered like a curtain, which falls in entrance of a theatrical stage.
      • 1983, Theatre Crafts:
        La Cage’s upstage drops embrace two of the St. Tropez harbor (one for the day and one other for the evening), […an] ocean drop (utilized in an Act I dream sequence), and an summary chandelier drop (used within the second act [] ).
      • 2007, Michele Fields, Designing The Rover:
        In The Rover, one in every of these esthetically vital components was the association of the upstage drops. Initially the drop was cut up into three sections, with apparent and blatant seams between them.
    3. A trapdoor (hinged platform) on a gallows; a gallows itself.
      • 2010, Ian Jones, Ned Kelly: A Quick Life, Hachette Australia (→ISBN)
        Because the prisoners ready to depart, that they had seen Dan and Steve standing collectively within the breezeway, ‘for all of the world like two condemned prisoners on the drop‘. James Reardon had heard Steve ask, ‘What is going to we do?’ Dan replied, ‘I am going to let you know  []
      • 2015, “All The Misplaced Kids”, The Frankenstein Chronicles, episode Three at 26 minutes 40 seconds
        Criminal “I am going to discover the killers for you, I swear.”
        Cop “So why did not you?”
        Criminal “I am frightened of ’em.”
        Cop “Greater than the drop?”
        Criminal “Aye. Possibly.”
    4. A drop press or drop hammer.
    5. A mechanism for decreasing one thing, resembling a machine for decreasing heavy weights onto a ship’s deck, or a tool for briefly decreasing a gasoline jet, and many others.
  6. A fall, descent; an act or occasion of dropping.

    That was a protracted drop, however fortuitously I did not break any bones.

    • 2012, John Department, “Snow Fall : The Avalanche at Tunnel Creek”, in New York Time[1]:

      It moved in surges, like a curler coaster on a collection of drops and high-banked turns.
    1. An occasion of dropping or making a supply of provides or individuals, particularly by parachute out of an plane, but in addition by truck, and many others.

      The supply driver has to make three extra drops earlier than lunch.

      The spy made the drop, leaving the plans beneath the tree as organized.

    2. (music) A degree in a track, often electronic-styled music resembling dubstep, home, trance or lure, the place there’s a very noticeable and pleasing change in tempo, bass, and/or general tone; also called the spotlight or climax.
      • 2012 June 26, Genevieve Koski, “Music: Opinions: Justin Bieber: Imagine”, in The Onion AV Membership[2]:

        However musical ancestry apart, the affect to which Bieber is most beholden is the present traits in pop music, which implies Imagine is loaded up with EDM accouterments, searching for a cushty center floor the place Bieber’s impressively refined pop-R&B croon can rub up on techno blasts and garish dubstep drops (and infrequently grind on some AutoTune, not essentially as a result of it wants it, however as a result of a certain quantity of robo-voice is anticipated as of late).

    3. (sports activities, often with “the”) Relegation from one division to a decrease one.
    4. (casual, with “the”) Hanging; execution by hanging.
      • 2011, Elizabeth Dale, The Chicago Trunk Homicide, Cornell College Press (→ISBN):
        Information reporters, docs, and members of the juries had prime spots proper by the platform, in order that they might see the drop and file the time of dying.
  7. A launch (of music, a online game, and many others).
    • 2004, Nathan Brackett, Christian David Hoard, The New Rolling Stone Album Information, Simon and Schuster (→ISBN), web page 792:
      I Donna Summer time “In Too Deep” was a pleasure-punk ode to the shallows. 2002 noticed the drop of a brand new album whose title riffed on the various journal cowl tales calling Sum 41’s music infectious.
    • 2020, Stephen Wright, Processed Cheese: A Novel, Little, Brown (→ISBN)
      Turned out this was the drop social gathering for popster Effigy’s newest launch, BeatMeKickMeHoldMe. So what had been Graveyard and Atmosphere doing there?
  8. A decline in amount, high quality, charge, or diploma; a decline (when going from one worth to a different).
    a drop in demand for oil resulted in a drop in costs
    • 1935, United States, Division of Agriculture, Industrial Costs and Their Relative Inflexibility, web page 37:
      … so {that a} drop in enterprise exercise would convey a drop within the quantity of cash excellent. [] If the quantity of cash is lowered, it tends to provide a slight drop in demand for all types of commodities.
    1. The distinction between bust circumference and hip circumference
    2. The distinction between chest circumference and waist circumference.
  9. A factor, individual, and many others which is dropped:
    1. (video video games, on-line gaming) Any merchandise dropped by a defeated enemy.
    2. (American soccer) A dropped move.

      Yet one more drop for the Tiger tight finish.

    3. A fruit which has fallen off a tree (and many others), or been knocked off unintentionally, reasonably than been picked.
      • 1986, Apple Juice: Report back to the President on Investigation No. TA-201-59 Underneath Part 201 of the Commerce Act of 1974, web page 2:
        Drops are one other supply of juice apple provide. Because the pickers choose apples in orchards oriented towards fresh-market or canning apples, apples fall or are unintentionally knocked to the bottom; these are drops. The one use for drops is juice …
      • 1993, United States, Fee on Agricultural Staff, Report of the Fee on Agricultural Staff, web page 387:
        Drops are fruit that has fallen to the bottom naturally or that’s dropped or knocked off throughout harvest. Drops haven’t any worth apart from urgent for juice. Whereas the worth of drops is often minimal, they should be faraway from the orchards; …
      • 2005, Michael Phillips, The Apple Grower: A Information for the Natural Orchardist, Chelsea Inexperienced Publishing (→ISBN), web page 3:
        [] ; drops are eliminated to restrict in-orchard pest pupation; and []
      • 2011, Ben Watson, Cider, Exhausting and Candy: Historical past, Traditions, and Making Your Personal (Second Version), The Countryman Press (→ISBN), web page 54:
        Drops’ are sometimes thought of the identical as windfalls, and a few individuals insist that any fruit that has fallen to the the bottom—matter for the way quick a time—shouldn’t be used for making cider. [] Drops, however [unlike windfalls], are fruits which have sat round on the bottom for an extended time period—sometimes a day or extra. []
      • 2011, Ken Haedrich, Apple Pie: 100 Scrumptious and Decidedly Totally different Recipes for America’s Favourite Pie, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (→ISBN), web page 97:
        I am going to typically purchase a number of luggage of “drops” only for this goal. Drops are apples which have fallen from the bushes as an alternative of being picked. They’re inexpensive []
  10. (US, banking, dated) An unsolicited bank card problem.
  11. (playing) The sum of money {that a} gambler exchanges for chips in a on line casino.
    • 2005, Steve Bourie, Anthony Curtis, Bob Dancer, American On line casino Information, web page 10:
      In different phrases, the drop tells you what number of chips had been purchased at that desk, but it surely would not let you know what number of bets had been made []
  12. The gap beneath a cliff or different excessive place into which somebody or one thing may fall; the gap to which somebody or one thing drops; a steep slope.

    On one facet of the highway was a 50-foot drop.

    • 1982, John Ball, John Dudley Ball, Ananda–where Yoga Lives, Fashionable Press (→ISBN), web page 6:
      An Ananda truck coming down a steep, winding mountain highway fully misplaced its brakes and crashed by way of a skinny guard rail over an virtually sheer 1000 foot drop. It was caught and held by a solitary tree that was rising []
  13. The vertical size of a dangling curtain.
  14. (nautical) The depth of a (sq.) sail (typically utilized to the programs solely); the vertical dimension of a sail.
    (Can we discover and add a citation of Ham. Nav. Encyc to this entry?)
  15. (engineering) The gap of the axis of a shaft beneath the bottom of a hanger.
  16. A spot the place gadgets or provides could also be left for others to gather, whether or not brazenly (as with a mail drop) or secretly or illegaly (as in espionage or crime); a drop-off level.

    I left the plans on the drop, such as you requested.

  17. (American soccer) A drop-back.

    The Tiger quarterback took a one-step drop, anticipating his tight finish to be open.

  18. (Rugby soccer) A drop-kick.
  19. (pinball) A drop goal.
  20. Benefit; solely utilized in get the drop on and have the drop on.

Derived phrases[edit]

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drop (third-person singular easy current drops, current participle dropping, easy previous and previous participle dropped or (archaic) dropt)

  1. (intransitive) To fall in droplets (of a liquid). [from 11th c.]
    • 1579, Immeritô [pseudonym; Edmund Spenser], “Nouember. Aegloga Vndecima.”, in The Shepheardes Calender: [], London: [] Hugh Singleton, [], OCLC 606515406; republished as The Shepheardes Calender [], London: [] Iohn Wolfe for Iohn Harrison the yonger, [], 1586, OCLC 837880809:

      The kindly dew drops from the upper tree, / And wets the little vegetation that lowly dwell.
  2. (transitive) To drip (a liquid). [form 14th c.]
  3. (intransitive) Usually, to fall (straight down). [from 14th c.]

    A single shot was fired and the fowl dropped from the sky.

  4. (transitive, ergative) To let fall; to permit to fall (both by releasing maintain of, or shedding one’s grip on). [from 14th c.]

    Do not drop that plate!   The police ordered the lads to drop their weapons.

  5. (intransitive, out of date) To let drops fall; to discharge itself in drops.
    • 1611 King James Bible, Psalms 68:8
      The heavens [] dropped on the presence of God.
  6. (transitive) To decrease; to maneuver to a decrease place.
    • 1934, Agatha Christie, chapter 8, in Homicide on the Orient Categorical, London: HarperCollins, revealed 2017, web page 129:

      The stare appeared to abash Poirot. He dropped his eyes and commenced fidgeting with the papers in entrance of him.

  7. (transitive) To set down from a automobile; to ship or deposit by stopping.
    Synonym: drop off

    May you drop me on the airport in your approach to work tomorrow?

  8. (intransitive) To sink shortly to the bottom. [from 15th c.]

    Drop and provides me thirty push-ups, non-public!

    In case your garments are on fireplace, cease, drop and roll.

  9. (intransitive) To fall useless, or to fall in dying.
    • September 1, 1722, Robert Digby, letter to Alexander Pope
      Nothing, says Seneca, so quickly reconciles us to the ideas of our personal dying, because the reflection and prospect of 1 buddy after one other dropping spherical us.
  10. (intransitive) To return to an finish (by not being stored up); to cease. [from 17th c.]
    • 1897, Henry James, What Maisie Knew:
      Maisie’s religion in Mrs. Wix as an illustration had suffered no lapse from the truth that all communication together with her had briefly dropped.
  11. (transitive) To say casually or by the way, often in dialog. [from 17th c.]

    The moderator would drop hints each time the scholars struggled.

  12. (transitive, slang) To half with or spend (cash). [from 17th c.]
    • 1949, The Atlantian, v 8, Atlanta: United States Penitentiary, p 41:
      The query was: Who put probably the most within the assortment field? The rich man, who dropped a “C” notice, or the tattered outdated dame who parted together with her final tarnished penny.
    • 2000, Lisa Reardon, Innocent: A Novel, Random Home, p 221:
      I forked over the $19.25. I used to be in no place to be dropping twenties like gumdrops however I deserved one thing good from this crappy morning.
  13. (transitive) To stop regarding oneself over; to don’t have anything extra to do with (a topic, dialogue and many others.). [from 17th c.]

    I am uninterested in this topic. Will you simply drop it?

    • 1739, Samuel Sharp, A Treatise on the Operations of Surgical procedure:

      They out of the blue dropt the pursuit.

    • 1859, William Makepeace Thackeray, The Virginians: A Story of the Final Century
      that astonishing ease with which positive girls drop you and choose you up once more
    • 1815, Sir Walter Scott, Man Mannering; Or, The Astrologer
      The connection had been dropped a few years.
  14. (intransitive) To reduce, lower, or diminish in worth, situation, diploma, and many others. [from 18th c.]
    • 1918, W. B. Maxwell, chapter 17, in The Mirror and the Lamp:

      This time was most dreadful for Lilian. Thrown on her personal assets and virtually penniless, she maintained herself and paid the hire of a wretched room close to the hospital by working as a charwoman, sempstress, something. In a second she had dropped to the extent of an off-the-cuff labourer.

    The inventory dropped 1.5% yesterday.   We are able to take our trip when the worth of gas drops.   Look ahead to the temperature to drop sharply, then you definitely’ll know the response is full.

  15. (transitive) To let (a letter and many others.) fall right into a postbox; to ship (a letter or message) in an offhand method. [from 18th c.]

    Drop me a notice once you get to town.

  16. (transitive) To make (somebody or one thing) fall to the bottom from a blow, gunshot and many others.; to convey down, to shoot down. [from 18th c.]
    • 1846, ed. by G. W. Nickisson, “Elephant-Taking pictures in Ceylon”, in Fraser’s Journal, vol. XXXIII, no. CXCVII
      web page 562: …if the primary shot doesn’t drop him, and he rushes on, the second can be a really hurried and almost certainly ineffectual one…
      web page 568 …with a single shot he dropped him like a grasp of the artwork.
    • 1892, Alexander A. A. Kinloch, Massive Sport Taking pictures in Thibet, the Himalayas, Northern and Central India, web page 126
      As with all different animals, a shot behind the shoulder is the almost certainly to drop the beast on the spot []
    • 1921, Daniel Henderson, Boone of the Wilderness, web page 54
      He dropped the beast with a bullet in its coronary heart.
    • 1985, Beastie Boys, Paul Revere:
      The piano participant’s out, the music stopped / His boy had beef, and he obtained dropped
    • 1992, Dan Parkinson, Mud on the Wind, web page 164
      With a fast clench of the fist on Joey’s throat, Bodie dropped him. The person crumpled to the bottom []

    Make any sudden actions and I’ll drop you!

  17. (transitive, linguistics) To fail to jot down, or (particularly) to pronounce (a syllable, letter and many others.). [from 19th c.]

    Cockneys drop their aitches.

  18. (cricket, of a fielder) To fail to make a catch from a batted ball that may have led to the batsman being out.

    Warne dropped Tendulkar on 99. Tendulkar went on to get a century subsequent ball

  19. (transitive, slang) To swallow (a drug), notably LSD. [from 20th c.]

    They’d by no means dropped acid.

  20. (transitive) To dispose (of); eliminate; to take away; to lose.

    I dropped ten kilos and an obnoxious fiancée.

  21. (transitive) To eject; to dismiss; to stop to incorporate, as if on an inventory.
    • 2019, Louise Taylor, Alex Morgan heads USA previous England into Ladies’s World Cup ultimate (in The Guardian, 2 July 2019)[3]
      If Carly Telford’s substitute of Karen Bardsley, due to a hamstring harm, was enforced, the change to 4-4-1-1 was not. This new-look configuration noticed Rachel Daly deployed in entrance of Lucy Bronze down the fitting, Toni Duggan and Fran Kirby dropped, Beth Mead launched on the left and Nikita Parris moved up entrance.

    I have been dropped from the soccer crew.

  22. (playing, intransitive) To drop out of the betting.
    • 1990, Stewart Wolpin, The Guidelines of Neighborhood Poker In accordance with Hoyle (web page 219)
      However extra vital, if I dropped, Marty would have received the hand routinely.
  23. (rugby soccer) To attain (a purpose) via a drop kick.
  24. (transitive, slang) To impart.

    I drop data wherever I’m going.

    Yo, I drop rhymes like no person’s enterprise.

  25. (transitive, music, computing, tv, colloquial) To launch to the general public.

    They dropped “Hip-Hop Xmas” in time for the vacations.

    That hacker has been threatening to drop my docs [i.e. publish my personal information].

  26. (transitive, music) To play a portion of music within the method of a disc jockey.

    That man can drop the bass like a monster.

    I adore it when he drops his funky beats.

  27. (intransitive, music, tv, colloquial) To enter public distribution.

    “Hip-Hop Xmas” dropped in time for the vacations.

  28. (transitive, music) To tune (a guitar string, and many others.) to a decrease notice.
  29. (transitive) To cancel or finish a scheduled occasion, challenge or course.

    I needed to drop calculus as a result of it was taking on an excessive amount of of my time and I could not go anymore.

  30. (transitive, quick meals) To prepare dinner, particularly by deep-frying or grilling.

    Drop a basket of fries.

  31. (intransitive, of a voice) To decrease in timbre, typically regarding puberty.
    • 2012 June 26, Genevieve Koski, “Music: Opinions: Justin Bieber: Imagine”, in The Onion AV Membership:

      The 18-year-old Bieber can’t fairly pull off the “grownup” factor simply but: His voice might have dropped a bit for the reason that days of “Child,” but it surely nonetheless largely registers as “angelic,” and veers towards a pubescent whine at instances.

    Billy’s voice dropped out of the blue when he turned 12.

  32. (intransitive, of a sound or track) To decrease in pitch, tempo, key, or different high quality.

    The track, 180 beats per minute, drops to 150 BPM close to the tip.

    My synthesizer makes the notes sound humorous after they drop beneath C2.

  33. (intransitive, of individuals) To go to informally; used with in or by.
    • 1898, Winston Churchill, chapter 1, in The Movie star:

      He used to drop into my chambers on occasion to smoke, and was first-rate firm. Once I gave a dinner there was typically a canopy laid for him. I preferred the person for his personal sake, and even had he promised to prove a celeb it might have had no weight with me.

    Do drop by quickly and I am going to lend you that e-book.

    We’ll drop in on her tomorrow.

  34. To present start to.

    to drop a lamb

  35. To cowl with drops; to variegate; to bedrop.
    • 1667, John Milton, Paradise Misplaced
      their waved coats dropped with gold
  36. (casual, of the testicles) To hold decrease and start producing sperm attributable to puberty.


The translations beneath must be checked and inserted above into the suitable translation tables, eradicating any numbers. Numbers don’t essentially match these in definitions. See directions at Wiktionary:Entry format § Translations.


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Etymology 1[edit]

From Proto-Slavic *dropъty, which is a compound, whose first half might be from Proto-Indo-European *dreh₂- (run) and the opposite from Proto-Slavic *pъta (fowl), which might be primarily based on Proto-Indo-European *put- (a younger, a baby, slightly animal).[1][2]


drop m

  1. bustard

Etymology 2[edit]

Borrowed from English drop (act of dropping).


drop m

  1. (golf) dropping a brand new ball from hand from shoulder top and arm’s size, if the unique ball was misplaced.


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Additional studying[edit]


From Center Dutch drope (drop), from Previous Dutch dropo, from Proto-Germanic *drupô. The sense “licorice” developed from the sense “drop of licorice extract”; evaluate additionally English lemon drop.



drop f (plural droppen, diminutive dropje n)

  1. droplet



drop f or n (uncountable, diminutive dropje n)

  1. licorice, particularly a range offered as small sweets/candies.

Derived phrases[edit]



Borrowed from English drop.



drop m (plural drops)

  1. (rugby) drop purpose

Additional studying[edit]


From Proto-Slavic *dropъty, whose first half might be from Proto-Indo-European *dreh₂- (run) and the opposite from Proto-Slavic *pъta (fowl), which might be primarily based on Proto-Indo-European *put- (a younger, a baby, slightly animal).[1][2]

Evaluate Czech drop and Russian дрофа (drofa). Cognate with German Trappe.



drop m anim

  1. bustard; a fowl belonging to the household Otididae, particularly the good bustard (Otis tarda) or any member of the genus Ardeotis


Additional studying[edit]

  • drop in Wielki słownik języka polskiego, Instytut Języka Polskiego PAN
  • drop in Polish dictionaries at PWN


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