Earthquake Explains Why Black Men Should Treat Cops Like "Uber Drivers" (Part 6)

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44 thoughts on “Earthquake Explains Why Black Men Should Treat Cops Like "Uber Drivers" (Part 6)

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  2. If people would learn that biggest difference that can be made to Immediately change the culture in law enforcement.
    Get rid of Qualified Immunity for police officers. It’s as simple as subjecting them to the same threat of criminal charges as any other Trespasser, Stalker, Briber, Extorter, Physical abuser or murderer.
    It’s as simple as real accountability.
    And prevent anybody who violates a citizens rights from wearing a badge.

  3. As a 9+ year army vet I feel these police officers should follow the escalation of force and rules of engagement rules we follow over seas, meaning you have to use equal force when being attacked and that you can not fire your fire arm or service weapon, unless your are fired upon first, if the police officers follow our rules of engagement the way we follow them in combat zones, all of these incidents would hopefully cease to exist.

  4. Quake is right. Most cops approach you with a condescending attitude therefore provoking you to respond back in a condescending manner. They feel like you're challenging their authority and have to put you in your "place". That's where, I feel, most of the interactions go wrong.

  5. No he’s wrong he can also add more charges which will determine the ur situation and he may be a RS and decide to kill him wake the fuck up

  6. Glad you lied and said “American Skin doesn’t have the typical Hollywood ending” well the black guy dies at the end from the cops. THAT’S TYPICAL !

  7. Kid got shot while in possession of a plastic to gun. Toy companies been putting plastic tips on toy guns since the 80's. What game was this kid playing that required a 13 yr old kid to remove that orange tip that identifies the gun as a toy? Kid was in a black neighborhood neighbors called the cops claiming someone with a gun was aiming it at people. Meaning someone black called the cops. What 13 yr old is still playing with toy guns? Where were his parents to advise him on how dangerous this was?

  8. You treat an asshole with a badge the same way you treat any asshole in a position of authority a teacher or a boss. Cant fight them cant disrespect them without making the situation worse.

  9. Finally someone speaks the truth. You treat a stranger with a guy like a stranger with a gun. You don't treat them like a substitute teacher that has no power just because he's wearing a camera and you have a camera phone.

  10. 1. The movie wasn’t about Muhammad Ali. If you watched that film and all you got was “such & such Muhammad Ali”, then I think you missed the “REAL” movie/story.

    2. It was a “Black film” and Regina Kong’s directorial debut. It didn’t have the same budget as the Will Smith/Ali movie.

    3. He was a believable Ali. I thought the movie was casted well.

    4. IG: @LifeStarrStudios x @CedRockStarr

  11. Bruh you telling these dudes to treat cops like uber drivers?? Cops are killing your people man… do you know how people treat uber drivers?? You should be telling them to treat cops like your favorite relative… avoid as much conflict as possible…you over here telling them to treat cops like some regulat schmegular people… bruh they are beating and killing people and getting away with it… THEY AINT NO UBER DRIVERS

  12. And another thing…you shouldn't be running around with a bb gun out in public anyways someone else might pop yo cap before a cop do…gotta smarten up people got brains and don't even use them !!

  13. Yeah ok if you just calm down and see what the cop want you'll be straight whether you get locked up or not but once you start running your mouth and acting like your untouchable or try running then yeah they might hurt you common sense. But you know…common sense is hard to find now a days

  14. Just ridiculous people actually belive this. Cops don't determine sentence, but they have discretion (based on circumstances) to even take you to jail. Also people don't understand getting into a shooting is the very last thing a officer wants to get involved in! Skip your feelings. Escalating a situation nothing good can come from that

  15. If we start with the position of “I have to be a good citizen first,” most of this will take care of itself. Many of these times and cases, police are called by Black people because a Black person is out of control. Cop show up and Black person is still out of control. Depending on the situation, over 99% of the time the out of control person doesn’t get shot and killed. We highlight that less than 1% because it is easier to scapegoat “Outsiders” than it is to actually deal with the real problem…US!

  16. Appreciate Earth Quake one of the most funniest Comideans. Ever addressing real issue George Floyd did not deserve to die who feard for there life no one but the victim rip Big Floyd not all but a lot of dirty cops been racist since the start from Grandad on down

  17. The "uber driver" has the ability to provide false information, give statements with things like probable cause, etc. Its a bit too oversimplified to call them "uber drivers"

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