ericvb/Arduino-WavGat-Drivers: Arduino-WavGat-Drivers working with Arduino IDE 1.8.1x
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ericvb/Arduino-WavGat-Drivers: Arduino-WavGat-Drivers working with Arduino IDE 1.8.1x

I began from the given drivers from WavGat by way of the AliExpress web site:

Set up them into the created consumer extension folder for the Arduino IDE. On home windows, usually in DocumentsArduino

When attempting to compile the essential sketch concerning the blinking led, the compiler did give me a warning:

‘Arduino AVR Boards’ accommodates deprecated”{compiler.path}{}” {} {} “{construct.path}/{archive_file}” “{object_file}”, robotically transformed to”{compiler.path}{}” {} {} “{archive_file_path}” “{object_file}”.

That is prompted as a result of these given drivers are usually not up to date regurarly to observe new developments within the Arduino IDE supply code.

Second, when attempting to compile the newest MySensors library (v2.3.1), I bought an entire bunch of unusual compile errors.

So I tailored the platform.txt to observe the conventional Arduino IDE platform.txt supply code.
On the identical time I tailored the title from ‘Arduino AVR Boards’ to ‘WavGat AVR Boards’ to tell apart them extra clearly.

I added additionally a lacking new outline ‘void yield(void)’ within the core Arduino.h file and the lacking hook.c file.
(All credit and due to:

After these modifications my sketches for MySensors did compile with none errors.

On this distribution the {hardware} folder WAV8F just isn’t included, it’s only for the Arduino IDE 1.x model!

Because the Arduino IDE will evolve sooner or later, different wants to alter these WavGat drivers will seem.
It is a bit unhappy that WavGat does not preserve its software program updated!


Remember that huge arduino sketches with exterior libraries won’t compile, regardless of my modifications.
Easy sketches will compile, for instance the led blinking sketch will work, however once you need one thing extra like for instance prolong the arduino {hardware} with a ehternet protect after which attempt to use it, good luck :-(. You’re going to get a bunch of compile errors.
Not being a compiler specialist, I gave up on my 2 euro WAVGAT board and acquired a brand new, additionally 2 euro, Arduino appropriate board…
Perhaps sooner or later, I hope that WAVGAT will make investments extra in his software program drivers, as a result of the {hardware} is ineffective with out good software program assist!

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