Every 2020 F1 driver's worst moment of the season

As we glance again on an F1 season like no different, listed below are the moments we expect every driver will need to neglect from 2020. Tell us within the feedback which …

42 thoughts on “Every 2020 F1 driver's worst moment of the season

  1. I think when George Russell had his prospective victory taken away at the Sakhir Grand Prix because of Mercedes’ pit stop debacle was his worst moment

  2. "let us know which one of the 20 is the worst over all".
    Isn't that obvious, i mean someone almost died.
    just sayin lol

  3. Honestly, I think Albon's worst moment was when he got hit by Hamilton in Austria. Likely cost him the win and who knows, maybe it would've helped him keep the Red Bull seat

  4. I feel like it would’ve been better if you only focused on mistakes they made, rather then things that were also out of their control

  5. Strolls worst moment had to be the red flag restart at monza he was a shoe in for the win if he got it right but he absolutely flapped it

  6. Ham spinning Albon is definitely Albon’s worst moment. Le Clair running Verstapin off the road was Versapin’s worst.

  7. I would say that the race in the Mercedes was the worst for Russell. Why?
    Well even the season with Williams wasn't great, he learned a lot for the future.
    In Bahrain with the way faster car he had a good chance of a podium or even a win. I don't deny that the experience he gained in Hamilton's car isn't worth anything but the miserable double stack pitstop and the puncture destroyed a great race for a great driver

  8. Max's worst moment should have been that spin in Turkey, Bottas too. And how is Imola not the worst moment of Pierre Gasly ? He qualified 4th but had to retire at the start.

  9. "Let us know which of the 20 you think was worst…"

    The look I just gave my laptop at that line was probably the perfect visual description of "BRUH?!?!"

  10. Surely Imola for Gasly, where he was 4th and forced to retire, mugello was going to be damage limitation at best given he started 16th

  11. How was max's hit with the wall the worst moment? The car was repaired and finished second! There were worse moments like Imola, for instance!

  12. Well Sixor, I expected Bottas's worst moment to be the whole season!!! I absolutely agree with them about Bottas being out performed by Russell as being the worst of all. I now see him differently! No wonder Hamilton is winning so easily. He has a poor driver next to him.
    It was funny when the narrator felt there were so many bad moments to choose from for Seb Hahaha I would say all of his 6 failed years at Ferrari when he had a championship winning car in 2017 and 2018 and wasted them!!! Alonso would've won for certain!

  13. I disagree with you the worst moment for leclerc was when he locked up in the last few corners costing him the podium

  14. Max: trying to overtake Perez in Turkey.
    Lewis: for not knowing the rules by practicing his start at the wrong section on the grid twice, costing him two 5 second time penalty's in Rusia

  15. Worst moment was easily the lap 1 fireball. Even though he escaped that alive, a broken foot and severely burnt hands, not to mention mental scars. That is something you never want to see.

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