gnab/rtl8812au: Realtek 802.11n WLAN Adapter Linux driver
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gnab/rtl8812au: Realtek 802.11n WLAN Adapter Linux driver


2019-07-11: Up to date to compile in opposition to kernel 5.2

Realtek 802.11ac (rtl8812au)

This can be a fork of the Realtek 802.11ac (rtl8812au) v4.2.2 (7502.20130507)
driver altered to construct on Linux kernel model >= 3.10.


My D-Hyperlink DWA-171 wi-fi dual-band USB adapter wants the Realtek 8812au
driver to work below Linux.

The present rtl8812au model (per nov. 20th 2013) would not compile on Linux
kernels >= 3.10 because of a change within the proc entry API, particularly the
deprecation of the create_proc_entry() and create_proc_read_entry()
capabilities in favor of the brand new proc_create() perform.


The Makefile is preconfigured to deal with most x86/PC variations. In case you are compiling for one thing apart from an intel x86 structure, you must first choose the platform, e.g. for the Raspberry Pi, you must set the I386 to n and the ARM_RPI to y:


There are various different platforms supported and another superior choices, e.g. PCI as a substitute of USB, however most will not be wanted.

The motive force is constructed by operating make, and may be examined by loading the
constructed module utilizing insmod:

$ make
$ sudo insmod 8812au.ko

After loading the module, a wi-fi community interface named Realtek 802.11n WLAN Adapter needs to be out there.

Putting in

Putting in the driving force is just a matter of copying the constructed module
into the proper location and updating module dependencies utilizing depmod:

$ sudo cp 8812au.ko /lib/modules/$(uname -r)/kernel/drivers/internet/wi-fi
$ sudo depmod

The motive force module ought to now be loaded robotically.


Routinely rebuilds and installs on kernel updates. DKMS is in official sources of Ubuntu, for set up do:

$ sudo apt-get set up build-essential dkms 

Set up the driving force to DKMS with:

Routinely load at boot:

$ echo 8812au | sudo tee -a /and so forth/modules

Ultimately take away from DKMS with:


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