Golf Driver Spin Rates For More Distance

Golf Driver Spin Charges For Extra Distance, Mark Crossfield solutions extra questions via his AskGolfGuru app for iPhone, iPad and Android gadgets. Mark is …

8 thoughts on “Golf Driver Spin Rates For More Distance

  1. Thanks Guru. Having recently been fit for a D3 have been feeling like might be missing a trick by not joining the TM Loft Up brigade.

  2. The VRS driver is very forgiving and probably gives some pretty good numbers. I'm surprised the focus was trying out new equipment rather than getting a lesson to deliver the club with the proper angle of attack and path to achieve better launch conditions. This will improve distance more than the difference between a VRS and a new driver.

  3. What about spin-rates on wedges? Can you have too high spin-rates when hitting wedges? Trackman tells me my SW+my-swing yields app 9-10k – how does this compare to a pro or scratch golfer?  
    Love the videos 🙂
    Cheers from Christian in DK

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