Golf – The Death Moves With The Driver

Golf – The Loss of life Strikes With The Driver. Golf Tip – tips on how to keep away from the widespread errors with the driving force. Alistair Davies golf shares with you ways drive the ball nice …

11 thoughts on “Golf – The Death Moves With The Driver

  1. As always excellent instruction on setup and feels…whenever I pull the ball it is related to a incorrect setup or ball position. Your instructions would benefit all golfers looking to improve. Thx. Tom. Also, could you reference me to one of your videos on correcting thin and fat chip shots on tight fairways…..I have a tendency to decelerate because of a feeling of striking the ball too hard.

  2. Hi Alistair I have just used this drill today on the range all I can say is I have never stuck my driver better in my life if I can take this to the course, this would be my missing link in my game, will keep you updated cheers Peter

  3. Omg this vid just fix my “natural slice” but now I’m hook the ball and the ball ballooning. Is my swing now too far inside and too shallow? Possible to drive without any draw or fade?

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