45 thoughts on “Google's Self-Driving Car

  1. Heh. Kind of thought the stinger would be Paul and James digging their own grave while Graham in a Google polo and slacks with the Google Glass watches over them. The Google Car pad sits off to the side: "Did I tell you to stop digging?"

  2. amazing that google can make a car that dost need servicing for 500 years and still runs "Fine",  also what kind of enormous mileage  does that car get.

  3. My biggest concern with a self-driving car is who has legal responsibility for accidents and injury inflicted by the car and the effect it has on insurance. Assuming the car's owner doesn't modify the car, they can't be responsible as they aren't actually driving it. So in a way Google is effectly trying to create a situation where it will be paying all our car insurances. I approve of this although the lack of control to stop my self-driving car from taking me off a cliff is equally concerning.

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