How Schumacher’s Driving Style Won 7 F1 Championships

Seven world championships and 91 wins over 19 years in Formulation One. Michael Schumacher remains to be one in all F1’s most profitable drivers, however how did he handle …

23 thoughts on “How Schumacher’s Driving Style Won 7 F1 Championships

  1. "I don't believe what i've seen"… My profession isn't very unlike F1, if someone said they don't believe what they've seen it would be very, very strange and wrong. Many F1 professionals thought it was illegal driving aid. Senna who was at the top in 1994 said Schumacher was using electronic aid to gain speed, he surely knew what to look and listen for after analysing other driver's technique. Hope it wasn't truth and Schumi's karma had nothing to do with skiing accident…

  2. This was good but I would like it more if I was seeing the driving in full screen instead of having your hands waving about on half of the screen

  3. Schumacher was a flawed driver as proven by history, Ayrton Senna was on a completely different level in terms of natural skill and car control, unmatched to this day

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  6. I remember when I was a big fan of Schumacher when I was a kid, my dad would bring me toy F1 cars and I would pretend Schumacher was driving it, watched F1 on TV all the time. It's been almost 15 years already.

  7. 0:37 That image gives me goose bumps every time.
    And 9:42: Was that at Monza? When D. Hill insisted on barriers, and became the first driver to hit them? When was that?

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