29 thoughts on “How To Add A Printer On Apple Mac

  1. For everyone that is finding hard to connect to a printer automatically or if the printer is not listed after clicking on the + sign. what u need to do is go to the printer website first to connect to the same wifi as ur laptop. I had the same issue when I bought a new hp printer. What I did was I visit 123.hp.com. It will ask ur printer product name and model number in order to set up the same wifi as ur laptop. There are basic steps u need to follow and once to finish it, it will be shown automatically when u click the + sign. if u have a printer of other brands u simply need to visit their website follow the steps given and once ur printer is connected to the same wifi as ur laptop, ur printer will be shown when u click + sign. Hope this helps.

  2. I deleted the printer from my computer, how to add it back to an Apple computer?
    Please be gentle I am a senior and computer illiterate

  3. All I see are messages that say ''failed to connect'' or ''device not found.'' I have an internet connection and all three devices are next to each other, so it is not as though they are out of range. I even installed the driver but nothing is happening.

  4. Hi Erick I'm new for all the technology and I wants to install the printer to my laptop Mac Air do you recommend any it's easy to install and cheap to buy?

  5. That was a complete waste of time. My computer does not show the printer automatically because I don’t already have a printer like this guy

  6. Thanks for the tutorial, it's helped. But on my Brother MFC-L2700 DW printer, once it's added I do not see the Scan option. Only showing Brother MFC-L2700 DW-air print, Can you please with that? Thanks

  7. are you selling brother printers. what a load of crap this video. ofcourse its going to see your drivers; u installed them b4!!! wasted time

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