How To Fix Video Tearing | Nvidia Driver | Linux

On this video I element some Compiz and Nvidia settings that may assist remove video tearing in your Linux system.

NOTE: In case your PowerMizer Setting Most popular Mode doesn’t keep on “Choose Most Efficiency” on boot add the next to your nvidia.conf file underneath the “Machine” part…

Possibility “RegistryDwords” “PerfLevelSrc=0x2222”

Upon reboot nvidia-settings will nonetheless present “Adaptive” mode within the GUI nevertheless the Efficiency Degree won’t ever depart “2” which is Most Efficiency. Hope this helps!

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36 thoughts on “How To Fix Video Tearing | Nvidia Driver | Linux

  1. thank you! the 'power mixer' setting was it!!! thanks for uploading this vid, the only solution that works considering tearing nvidia. Cheers from Europe.

  2. Hello, great video!! I have GeForce GTX 960 I have tried so many different things from YouTube and Google about screen tearing on my desktop!! I Switched to Aero theme on windows!! It has fixed the screen tearing!! Its fixed my game screen tearing too. Just posting this if people are still having problems and want to try something different. Thank you!!

  3. I was hoping this would shed some light on video (actual video playback) tearing on my GTX 460.
    I have had GTX 460 at the time you uploaded video and I had everything maxed out and no problems ever occured
    I have had 1920×1080 display at that time too

    now (2018-11-17) I have single GTX 460 and 2 1600×1200 displays
    I have single problem – video playback tearing and it is awful
    temperature is very low (I have fully loaded Coller Master HAF-X 942 with 4 20cm fans and single 12cm fan). Temperature is lowest I ever have seen and this GTX 460 is on just box standard radiator without single heatpipe – just block of aluminium

    desktop is unusable on any OpenGL and I have had to use XRender as OpenGL would blur everything (use terminal which gives indication where text is, but it is just unrecognisable blob of black ink on yellow page – it is not fun)

  4. am afraid I have never seen these options before. I have a windows 7 graphic card 950 with a large monitor. how do I get the equivalent?

  5. "xscreensaver" caused tearing in my case.
    Whenever I return from "xscreensaver" tearing was present.
    I uninstalled "xscreensaver" and configured ccsm (Compiz Config Settings Manager) as in this video to fix tearing.

    Compiz Config Settings Manager -> General Options -> Display Settings ->
    Uncheck "Detect Refresh Rate"
    Refresh rate: 120
    Outputs: 1366×768
    Check "Sync To VBlank"

  6. I have been looking for a solution to this problem in various forums. So far, some of the suggestions in this video and several other forum posts are the same. CompizConfig settings set to Vblank and higher refresh rate. Making sure the Nvidia graphics driver has vsync on and the powermizer is set to max (not sure if this is recommended for laptop users).

  7. I cant instal nvidia drivers too coz i have intel hybrid with nviaida 740m on my sony vaio i try meny weys to configure drivers but alweys black screen after reborts and i must uninstal drivers. Can you help mister and give me some tutorial in ez steps like:

    download nonfree drivers from nvidia
    1.open terminal and use comand
    2.sudo mhwd -l -d –pci
    and others

    Tell me Manjaro not use xserver then what i must do to properly config my intel huswell hybrid card. I not wont free drivers coz now only my card1 work normal card 2 newer change when i run some good grafic game.

    Please anyone with hybrid card help me configure card 2 to work. Intel is pow saving mode, i wont change to performance mode nvifia740M thanks all.

  8. Thanks for the tip!!! You seem to have extra options on your Compizconfig window i dont have the detect refresh rate =/ or the slide bar you change to 120

  9. For my fellow KDE Plasma 5 users:
    Go to compositor settings, use OpenGL 3.1 backend with EGL. Make sure Vsync / Sync to Vblank is on in the other settings. Log out and back in… boom, fixed.

  10. I found that vsync only works on my primary laptop screen. When i hook up the tv via hdmi vsync does not work on the second screen unless i switch to compton. I know part of the issue is the tv is like 60.002hz refresh rate and laptop screen is 60hz. Does anyone know of a solution where i don't have to give up my compiz effects?

  11. Add the following line to the "Screen" section of your xorg.conf: Option "metamodes" "nvidia-auto-select +0+0 { ForceCompositionPipeline = On }"  If compiz is set to refresh at 60, you can even turn vsync and triple buffering off.

  12. Thanks man, I was tearing my hair out trying different things, Im using the KDE edition btw. The powermizer settings was the fix for me.

  13. is not work for me/ Xubuntu14.04 . can't start any windows animations & changes .
    I have instaall Compiz latest version & i can't kill tearing . can you help me ? thank you

  14. I can't thank you enough. I was going mad with all the tearing on my Cinnamon Desktop and HD Video! You have won yourself a new subscriber!

  15. for all those who still have tearing and a multi monitor setup, make sure to use the same refresh rate on all the monitors

  16. The funny thing is that I have the same problem which suddenly started happening after i switched to a new tv. In 12.04 this was how i fixed these issues, but then after switching tv the tearing issues was back and all those options are now gone??? I thought a celan install of 13.04 would help, but they are still gone and i got video tearing in anything but unity. The only real difference is that i am now using hdmi output instead of vga.
    Even when using 10.10 I had all those options…

  17. Too bad the refresh rate slider is completely missing for me in ubuntu 13.04… No matter what I do i get tearing in any window manager besides the horrible unity one. And this is with a gtx 650ti no matter which official driver i use..

    This has really made linux completely unusable for me. I really wonder how they managed to break it, when this is something that has worked fine since the 90s.

  18. Hey man. Keeping your powermizer settings at Max may give you "max performance" but this can cause extended wear and tear on your GPU. Allowing them to clock down puts less stress on the silicone. The Vblank options are the only ones that will be affecting your video tearing (since it syncs the graphics output to your monitors vblank signal).

  19. Hey man! Thanks for your video! My CompizConfig Settings Manager doesn't have all the options that yours have, how come? I only have "Overlapping Output handling", "Detects output" and "Outputs". Any solution for my setup?

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