How To Make Games Download Faster On Xbox One

In case your Xbox video games are taking a very long time to obtain, there are just a few methods to assist enhance the obtain velocity. We cowl 4 completely different suggestions for growing …

24 thoughts on “How To Make Games Download Faster On Xbox One

  1. Bruh what in the world I know abt the closing outher apps and stuff already but I just closed out of setting and my download speed went from 1000kbps to 75 mbps

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  3. Nothing I've not heard before. But try telling the other people in the household to stop using the Internet whilst I download my updates. Not the best advice here.

  4. Bullshit, tried it all. Best way to download faster is by switching over to a high end pc that’s more expensive than your house

  5. Guys keep in mind it may be common sense to us but there are plenty of ppl out there who don’t know this (eg kids and adults who get an Xbox for the first time and aren’t technologically savvy). What we can say is that this was accurate lol

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