39 thoughts on “How to Set up a 5.1 Home Theater Speaker System

  1. "ear level is pretty close to eye level for most folks" I want to meet this person whos ears are on their chest.

  2. My rear speakers are 2 feet above ear level and 90 degrees to the side. I can pin point exactly where the speakers are when watching movies. 🙁

  3. I Just setup an Onkyo TX-SR494 AVR in my 3.5m x 5m TV room using 7.2 configuration with POLK TL1600 speakers for satellite and central, two Polk T15 for front L/R and two Polk Subwoofers. I tried the AccuEQ Room Calibration but it stopped with a "Noise Error" even though the room was quiet. After a few tries it continued with the test sounds but the results in Crossover, Distances and level were completely messed up. I ended up setting them up manually….Any ideas what may have caused this?

  4. I'm from India I have no Yamaha no Denon no marantz.. but it's local handmade.. when i place the speakers are all in the position as he said.. It was awesome.. I don't even have blue ray player this is 2020.. using a very old 5.1 Philips DVD player.. It's heaven. Do try this setup every one for a better experience.

  5. Well this is exactly the reason I went back to two Channel because if you've got to get a tape measure and get a calculator your system or your hearing is well and truly s*** the only people that get rich by this are audio companies after 25 years of pissing about with surround sound systems I have come to the conclusion they are all f**** s***

  6. my harman kardon 6.1 always having a problem, conversations is quiet low but the music is so high ,i tried to increase the volume of the center speaker but still the same , any help ?

  7. I noticed my stereo sounding hollow or in a box when i had my huge furry rug outside for afew days. So now i know. And also about the subs too. I have 2 car subs hooked up to left right channels on cd through technics saax6 , the technics cd channel is hooked up to onkyo 7.1 lo frequency subwoofer channel, its set up with a double to single rca chord. Very loud bass and clear sounding.

  8. This video really helps. I got a 5.1 setup and after watching this video, I put the speakers in the ideal positions and it works for me! so thank you:)

  9. Ear level at 32-36"?… Are you kidding?… How low are chairs/couches in the US?… I'm a compact person and with my chair at its lowest my ears are at 44".

  10. i have a 10 year old creative 5.1 home theatre system, which i have not used for some time, it is working good, but some loose connections, how do i repair, can some one tell me please. when i touch the PINS plugged into the subwoofer, it produces sound, but again it goes.

  11. You forgot the most basic thing…. have your ear check by otolaryngologist prior to buying for any hearing problems.

  12. What do you recommend the volume of rear surround speakers? I'm finding that because of their closer proximity to the subject, their volume can be lowered so that it's not overpowering the central speakers. Is this true, and what volume level do you recommend compared to front speakers?

  13. Should side surrounds still be placed 2-3 feet above ear level with an Atmos or X system? I keep finding conflicting information about this. What about the rear surrounds?

  14. Problem is. Is that these setup parameters still won't get your seats and speakers in the best acoustic locations, correspondingly! MUST have good frequency response from all seating locations for ALL LOUDSPEAKERS in a system!! That's critical! Just as critical is ensuring flat response at the crucial crossover location, for ea loudspeaker and ea subwoofer. This is all too infrequently not the case, killing all charges of a good fundamental sound.

  15. My surround speakers sound low , so I had connected front rear left together, and front rear right together to the front left and front right on the amplifer is it okay , will it cause any damage to the system ????? I have a lg home theatre bh6330h ,

  16. Yes a very late comment. Fantastic tips! Helped with my Klipsch system. Just watch on the eye movement when your reading script next time. But great tips.

  17. i need one help i connected the three system speakers to 5.1 woofer and dual system and the central one was already regular,is its oke or not and what can i do…

  18. As a tutor (for friends only) for everything through differential equations and basically theoretical mathematics (I use that in my career so I don’t tutor much on that to keep someone from edging me out of my research), trigonometry isn’t easy fir the common person. That is at least in my experience, it just clicked for me and I moved into modeling biology systems over time, to the best of my ability, essentially right after that. Now I love to delve into theoretical physics within astronomy. Now, I’m no Einstein or the guys that were capable of coming up with the quantum field theory so please don’t think I’m boasting. My point is that if you’re going to reference trig then take a minute to explain SOHCAHTOA so the people that struggle with right angle triangles within trigonometry based r. angel triangle unknown variable (Ex.=the hypotenuse) solutions then, these misunderstandings and the resulting confusion can be taken care of easily. It would also help to include a bit more to the graphic you already had. This is due to it didn’t address the mathematics but the angles and distance regarding the speakers, screen, and the listener. Just some advice to possibly help make your content better in the end. Still, whatever you think of this, I really appreciated your video and it’s helped me quite a bit!

  19. I run my left and right straight ahead and at the distance i sit, there is a perfect imaging and soundstage..in stereo, it will sound so much like a center channel is on that i often think its in 5.1 and i will literally ghave to walk up to the center channel to verify its not on…also with correct placement ,you will get a sounstage in stereo that will place ambient sound behind you,as if you not only had a center,but also as if u had surrounds..if you test this way in stereo,with music and movie mixes, and it achieves this, then when you run true dolby digital or hd 7.1, ur effects and soundstage should be insane..ive tried toe in of left and right but it will Collapse the soundstage and ruin the center and surround imaging effects in stereo mode.. the real center Should be tweeter at ear level,as should the left /rights, but those should be strait ahead, at least in my experience

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