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Latest amd HD audio device driver doesn’t work in windows 7 64bit

I’ve amd radeon HD 6900 graphics card. I up to date the drivers by way of catalyst setup after which I had no sound. My computer is related to my television/monitor by way of hdmi cable. I’ve tried restarting, sleeping, re-jacking in hdmi cable, reeinstalling driver and nothing works.

In playback gadgets, when sound comes via the default gadget you may see little inexperienced bars illustrating the sound stage(how on earth are they known as?). No matter sound I play, media information or system sounds, I see no such bars in my hd gadget. I do see them although in my realtek digital output if I set them to default. With this I examined and sound comes via headphones(if I examine disable entrance panel detection in realtek supervisor, as wanted). I might think about sound would come via audio system as properly. In the identical menu of playback gadgets, whn I attempt to click on check on my hd gadget an error pops up stating it’s of use by one other gadget.

The whole lot works superb when in gadget supervisor I roll again to model from the non working I think about amd screwed this one up and its drivers do not work correctly. Or am I lacking one thing?

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