Motherboard BIOS & AMD all-in-1 VGA driver compatibility on Linux : ASRock
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Motherboard BIOS & AMD all-in-1 VGA driver compatibility on Linux : ASRock

I lately bought a Ryzen 3700X CPU that I plan on placing into an outdated ASRock AB350 Pro4 board that I have been utilizing with a Ryzen 2400G APU. In accordance with the CPU help checklist for this board, 3700X (Matisse) is supported on BIOS v5.80+. My board is at present on v5.40, however I see within the BIOS description that ASRock instructs to “Please set up ‘AMD all in 1 with VGA driver ver:’ or a later model earlier than updating to this BIOS.”

I exploit Linux and never Home windows, so the linked AMD all-in-1 VGA driver wouldn’t apply to my scenario, right? So far as I can perceive, the AMD VGA driver could be put in to regular mass storage gadgets like a SSD or a HDD on a Home windows OS, after which loaded when the consumer boots up their Home windows OS. Whereas the motherboard’s BIOS is to be written to some flash reminiscence situated on the board itself, and thus OS impartial.

So this could imply that even when I have been to undergo the difficulty of briefly putting in Home windows for the only goal of with the ability to set up this AMD all-in-1 VGA driver, it will be utterly pointless as soon as I wipe and set up a Linux distro over it. And in my case, I might be counting on the Linux kernel devs so as to add help for no matter options the AMD all-in-1 VGA driver was meant to handle on Home windows.

I consider the above to be the case, however simply needed to get some confirmations from people who find themselves extra educated on these items earlier than I proceed.

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