29 thoughts on “My First Day As A T880 Kenworth Super Solo Dump Truck Driver. Spoiler, I Screw up. Trucking VLOG.

  1. Just found your channel watched a few previous videos great content. My wife is the office manager for a construction company she says her most important job is to make sure the dump truck drivers are paid on time and hours/ overtime is correct !

  2. Hello! What’s the brokers in ur area? Or who do you haul for? Planing to move to Seattle area and I own a 10wheeler dump truck here in California.

  3. Drove one of those for 2 years, like 120,000 miles, the most dangerous truck on the road, everyone around here has gotten rid of there's. The maintenance and all the bullshit that goes along with them have proven to not be worth it, we called them super sevens. Mine was a t800 with a c13, probably the the biggest dog of a truck I have ever drove, actually got out of trucking for 2 years after driving that truck was so sick of it.

  4. Why the cab has a handle outside? Snow, ice, dirt. Inside looks like lorries in Europe from 80-90, switches, style. So many axles to carry weight but just one steering one, not clever at all.

  5. My first word upon discovery of the tarp still out would be f#ck! But yes, we shake our heads, suck it up and move on 🙂 Stay safe D.

  6. You are doing exactly what any reasonable owner would want you to, owning your performance both good and not so good. I've had many people on teams over the years that have done exactly that and it says a lot about your commitment to being professional. I'm not CDL driver but have driven many things over the early part of my career, have to say I'm a bit peanut butter and jelly over your new K-whopper.

  7. I was taught ….. when you quit making mistakes…… is when you quit learning. Hang in there sweetheart, you'll be feeling like an "old hand" before ya know it. The new rig is beautiful, ….. so is the driver.

  8. Didn't anyone explain the workings of this truck to you ? Fasten one of those bubble levels on the hydraulic tank in front of the box, it'll take the guessing out of the equation. As per Donald Trump, your fired !

  9. wonder why some kind of "interlock" couldn't be added so the axle could not be lifted or stopped at a certain point to prevent an "overlap" !
    you noticed the rear axle steered – it looks like the other 3 are that way also from viewing the vid you did checking out your new "ride"! ohm and the "good" part about making mistakes is that we learn from them – part of that slogan of learning something new every day.

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  11. You came in on a Saturday to Familiarize Yourself with that Truck. That Company should have been part of that. Shame on them for the lack of Training!! You did nothing Wrong! It doesn't matter how Long you've been Driving. New Truck, New Training!!!
    Thank You See you on the next Haul

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