My new Toyota GR Yaris daily driver: what I love and don't love about it!

Mat has obtained his arms on but ANOTHER automotive… However we’ve to say, this could be essentially the most thrilling one but! That is proper, his new long-termer is the carwow Automotive of …

36 thoughts on “My new Toyota GR Yaris daily driver: what I love and don't love about it!

  1. That's right, Mat's got his hands on the all-new GR Yaris! Now we just need to know – what video should he film with it next?

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  2. My kids Veloster has that fake engine sound I disconnected it from the amplifier. There was a wire that runs from the tach to the amplifier under the seat

  3. lists the cars he owns, says "i have a problem": we all have that problem dear Matt. Most of us don't have 4 or 5 cars, but we definitely have the same problem, at least theoretically.

  4. In Indonesia, the only standard version price range will be around EUR 47k – 50k and could be higher along the way (delivery on Nov 2021). Welcome to South East Asia.

  5. Heel and toe? No one will care. It's a liability for the average driver to have the accelerator and brake pedal too close together.

  6. Matt you should trade it for my unbreakable Corolla 2003 1.6 liters petrol i mean, at the end of the day it is also a 1.6 liters 3 doors Toyota but has more trunk space 😛

  7. It’s been about 10 years since Japan has produced a beautiful car , they’ve gone all funky bonkers recently . This car is so good looking

  8. Hey Matt…. Great car and all but… Doesn't this screen interfere with your vision when driving? It seems it's located very high

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