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My Seagate expansion portable drive is no longer recognised in

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Chances are you’ll open gadget supervisor and disk administration in your laptop and verify if the exterior harddrive is detected on this home windows.


Step 1


To open gadget supervisor, entry the hyperlink under and comply with the steps:



To entry disk administration comply with the steps under:


a.  Click on on begin.

b.  Within the begin search field sort diskmgmt.msc and press Enter.

c.  Within the disk administration confirm the drive related to the pc and the partitions.


Step 2


If you’ll be able to see the drive within the disk administration window, chances are you’ll make an observation of the partition drive letter and attempt to run chkdsk utility and verify if it helps.


To run chkdsk utility, comply with the steps under:

a.    Click on on Begin.

b.   Within the begin search field sort CMD.

c.    Within the listing proper click on CMD and click on on Run as administrator.

d.   Within the command immediate window sort chkdsk /f /r D: (assuming D: is the drive letter for the exterior drive)and press enter.

e.    Chkdsk will run after the restart.


As soon as the chkdsk completes confirm if the information are seen.



Be aware: if the chkdsk utility states that there are irrecoverable errors on the exterior drive, you will have to switch the drive and in addition chances are you’ll unfastened the info. Ensure you make a backup of the information as soon as its seen.


If the above steps doesn’t assist and if the harddrive just isn’t detected in any respect within the disk administration and gadget supervisor, you’ll have to ship it again to Seagate for knowledge restoration and alternative.


Hope this helps. Tell us the outcomes.

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