PlayStation 5 consoles are allegedly being stolen by delivery drivers

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PlayStation 5: Amazon investigation over lacking consoles. What is going on on right here? Let’s focus on the lacking Ps 5 techniques.

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19 thoughts on “PlayStation 5 consoles are allegedly being stolen by delivery drivers

  1. The same thing happened with Amazon back when we were pre-ordering Black Ops 4 and getting the Beta Codes for early access. The Amazon employees were selling these on – I personally had mine used (stolen) before I could enter it into my Activision account.

  2. This title doesn’t make any sense because you only have to say allegedly if you’re pointing out a specific person in a specific case but I guess he’s doing it to be nice towards the drivers I don’t know.

  3. My ps5 was to be delivered by yodel (a notoriously bad and unreliable delivery company in the UK with 1000s of reports of goods being either stolen in transit, delivered to wrong addresses with no way of getting due to data protection laws, or broken where they have thrown it over the fence. Some even doorstep dump and run) anyway I arranged to pick it up from the depot myself and I got it no problem. My series x was delivered by royal mail (the UK equivalent of national post service in US) AND I was nervous about that being delivered. Here's a tip. If you order online and are worried about it getting stolen. Arrange to pick it up yourself or pay the extra for shipping to make sure it is signed for (also open the box in front of delivery driver before you sign for it to make sure its in there. If your new console is 12 tins of dog food. Refuse delivery and state clearly why)

  4. I guess the Xbox became irrelevant for Rich post launch. Every day this guys has a video about the PS5. Mostly trashing every little negative view because the console is definitely next gen and the more performing console at the moment. But, hey I guess it pays his bills and it keeps his channel going. Review Tech USA yet he doesn’t review anything on this channel. Change your channel to Report Tech USA instead.

  5. I'm a delivery driver and read on reddit that many people from FedEx are stealing packages. These people risking their job over a $500 console

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