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From Center English poer, from Outdated French poeir, from Vulgar Latin *potēre, from Latin possum, posse (to give you the option); see potent. Evaluate Fashionable French pouvoir.



energy (countable and uncountable, plural powers)

  1. Capability to do or endure one thing.
    • 2018, Marilyn McCord Adams, Horrendous Evils and the Goodness of God (web page 74)
      Whether it is spirits who’ve energy to undergo, it appears they might even have lively powers to assume and can.
  2. (social) Capability to coerce, affect or management.
    1. (countable) Capability to have an effect on or affect.
      • An incident which occurred about this time will set the characters of those two lads extra pretty earlier than the discerning reader than is within the energy of the longest dissertation.
      • Thwackum, quite the opposite, maintained that the human thoughts, for the reason that fall, was nothing however a sink of iniquity, until purified and redeemed by grace. [] The favorite phrase of the previous, was the pure fantastic thing about advantage; that of the latter, was the divine energy of grace.
      • 1913, Robert Barr, chapter 4, in Lord Stranleigh Overseas[1]:

        [] That lady is stark mad, Lord Stranleigh. Her personal father recognised it when he bereft her of all energy within the nice enterprise he based. […]”

      • 1998, Eckhart Tolle, The Energy of Now
        Previous and future clearly don’t have any actuality of their very own. Simply because the moon has no mild of its personal, however can solely mirror the sunshine of the solar, so are previous and future solely pale reflections of the sunshine, energy, and actuality of the everlasting current.
    2. Management or coercion, significantly authorized or political (jurisdiction).
      • 1949, Eric Blair, aka George Orwell, Nineteen Eighty-4
        The Get together seeks energy totally for its personal sake. We aren’t within the good of others; we have an interest solely in energy. Not wealth or luxurious or lengthy life or happiness: solely energy, pure energy. […] We all know that nobody ever seizes energy with the intention of relinquishing it. Energy isn’t a method, it’s an finish. One doesn’t set up a dictatorship to be able to safeguard a revolution; one makes the revolution to be able to set up the dictatorship. The thing of persecution is persecution. The thing of torture is torture. The thing of energy is energy.
      • 2005, Columbia Regulation Evaluation, April
        Within the face of increasing federal energy, California specifically struggled to keep up management over its Chinese language inhabitants.
      • 2013 August 10, “Can China clear up quick sufficient?”, in The Economist, quantity 408, quantity 8848:

        It has jailed environmental activists and is planning to restrict the energy of judicial oversight by handing a state-approved physique a monopoly over bringing environmental lawsuits.

    3. (metonymically, mainly within the plural) The folks accountable for authorized or political energy, the federal government.
      Synonym: powers that be
    4. (metonymically) An influential nation, firm, or different such physique.
      • 2013 August 16, John Vidal, “Dams endanger ecology of Himalayas”, in The Guardian Weekly, quantity 189, quantity 10, web page 8:

        A lot of the Himalayan rivers have been comparatively untouched by dams close to their sources. Now the 2 nice Asian powers, India and China, are dashing to harness them as they reduce by means of a few of the world’s deepest valleys.

  3. (bodily, uncountable) Effectiveness.
    1. Bodily power or energy.

      He wanted loads of energy to hit the ball out of the stadium.

    2. Electrical energy or a provide of electrical energy.

      After the pylons collapsed, this city was with out energy for a number of days.

      • 1913, Robert Barr, chapter 4, in Lord Stranleigh Overseas[2]:

        “My father had concepts about conservation lengthy earlier than the USA took it up. [] You protect water in instances of flood and freshet for use for energy or for irrigation all year long. […]”

      • 2013 July 20, “Out of the gloom”, in The Economist, quantity 408, quantity 8845:

        [Rural solar plant] schemes are of little assist to trade or different heavy customers of electrical energy. Neither is photo voltaic energy but as low cost because the grid. For all that, the fast arrival of electrical mild to Indian villages is lengthy overdue. When the nationwide grid suffers its subsequent enormous outage, because it did in July 2012 when a whole lot of thousands and thousands had been left in the dead of night, search for specks of sunshine within the villages.

    3. A measure of the speed of doing work or transferring power.
    4. The energy by which a lens or mirror magnifies an optical picture.

      We want a microscope with larger energy.

  4. (colloquial, dated) A big quantity or quantity.
    • The threatning phrases of duke Robert comming on the final to king Henries eares, brought on him foorthwith to conceiue verie sore displeasure in opposition to a energy of males despatched into Normandie.
    • 1872, Mark Twain, Roughing It:

      Do not you thoughts my snuffling slightly—becuz we’re in a energy of hassle.

  5. Any of the elementary kinds or components of machines: three main (the lever, inclined aircraft, and pulley) and three secondary (the wheel-and-axle, wedge, and screw).
    the mechanical powers
  6. (physics, mechanics) A measure of the effectiveness {that a} power producing a bodily impact has over time. If linear, the quotient of: (power multiplied by the displacement of or in an object) ÷ time. If rotational, the quotient of: (power multiplied by the angle of displacement) ÷ time.
  7. (arithmetic)
    1. A product of equal elements (and generalizations of this notion):
    2. (set concept) Cardinality.
    3. (statistics) The chance {that a} statistical take a look at will reject the null speculation when the choice speculation is true.
  8. (biblical, within the plural) In Christian angelology, an intermediate stage of angels, ranked above archangels, however actual place varies by classification scheme.

Utilization notes[edit]

  • Adjectives usually used with “energy”: electrical, nuclear, optical, mechanical, political, absolute, company, institutional, navy, financial, photo voltaic, magic, magical, enormous, bodily, psychological, mental, emotional, non secular, sexual, seductive, coercive, erotic, pure, cultural, optimistic, unfavourable, and many others.


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    energy (third-person singular easy current powers, current participle powering, easy previous and previous participle powered)

    1. (transitive) To offer energy for (a mechanical or digital machine).
      This CD participant is powered by batteries.
    2. (transitive) To hit or kick one thing forcefully.
      • 2011 February 1, Mandeep Sanghera, “Man Utd 3 – 1 Aston Villa”, in BBC[3]:

        United keeper Edwin van der Sar was the unlikely supplier as his clearance discovered Rooney, who had acquired forward of final defender Richard Dunne, and the ahead brilliantly managed a ball coming from over his shoulder earlier than powering a shot previous Brad Friedel.

    3. To allow or present the impetus for.
      • 2017 April 6, Samira Shackle, “On the frontline with Karachi’s ambulance drivers”, in the Guardian[4]:

        Abdul Sattar Edhi got here to Karachi as a poor man from an Indian village in 1947. Beginning with a small pharmacy tent, his work quickly expanded, powered by donations from extraordinary residents.

    Derived phrases[edit]



    energy (comparative extra energy, superlative most energy)

    1. (Singapore, colloquial) Spectacular.
      • 2001, Thian, Makan Time[5]:

        Try the POWER Mee Rebus & Lontong on this newly established Nasi Padang espresso store at Market Road Carpark.

      • 2005, Bayya, Bayya Eats … and Different Stuff[6]:

        Their efficiency could be very the Energy!

      • 2010, Caihong Lim & Kesheng Lim, Footprints All Over: Love, Happiness,Pleasure[7]:

        His hokkien is rattling energy lah!

      • 2015, SGMOJI, Your Final Information to Regionally-Grown Emojis[8]:

        Eh his soccer expertise rattling energy one.

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    Etymology 1[edit]

    From French pauvre, from Latin pauper.


    • IPA(key): /ˈpoːvər/, [ˈpoːvɐ]
    • Hyphenation: po‧wer


    energy (comparative powerer, superlative am powersten)

    1. (regional, casual) poor, depressing

    Etymology 2[edit]




    1. singular crucial of powern
    2. (colloquial) first-person singular current of powern

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    • “energy” in Duden on-line

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