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printing – Generic printer driver – Android

I’m making an attempt to ship some recordsdata (pdf recordsdata) to a community printer utilizing an Android program I’m growing however the printer is printing random characters as an alternative of the particular doc. Utilizing a special app I used to be in a position to print to the identical printer utilizing what the app known as a “generic printer drive. I couldn’t discover any generic printer drivers for android, so I used to be questioning if that is simply an alias or if there exist generic drviers I can set up on Android to make use of wi-fi printers.

The code I’m utilizing to ship the file to the printer is:

Socket socket = new Socket();
attempt {
    socket.join(new InetSocketAddress(IP, Port (9100)), 5000);
    BufferedOutputStream bos;

    bos = new BufferedOutputStream(socket.getOutputStream());
    InputStream in = new FileInputStream(new File (fileName));

    int c;
    byte[] bytes = new byte[1024];

    whereas ((c = in.learn(bytes)) != -1) {
        bos.write(bytes, 0, c);


} catch (IOException e) {


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