35 thoughts on “PS4 ‘Cannot Download’ HOW TO FIX DOWNLOADS!

  1. Your internet is bad i have faster wifi than your cable if i am lucky i can get 40mbs dowload speed on wifi cable about 100mbs download speed

  2. Im gong to try these to play red dead redemption 2 im reinstalling it but this happend agian so ill edit if it works
    Edit:none of ot worked

  3. six works sometimes if you have your data backed up and saved on the ps4 or usb and if you remember your account so if you have all of those things six will work SOMETIMES but it’s not working for me rn

  4. I am trynna get star wars battlefront II and it has this X on the download bar but it’s not even on my PS4 yet it is on the bit where you download it. Can I get some help please?

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